Industrial Heritage Boards 2 and 3

The Ecclesfield Conservation & Local History Group acknowledges the following organisations and people who supported the Industrial Heritage Boards we unveiled in Ecclesfield Park on 1st December 2012.

East Peak Innovation Partnership (EPIP)

The design and manufacture of the Boards was paid for by a grant provided by EPIP, without which the project would not have been possible. EPIP's support however went further than this, and we are especially grateful to Tegwen for maintaining the enthusiasm, and for the way she and Tim attended and filmed the unveiling ceremonies. You can click the link to see EPIP's Industrial Heritage Projects list, or see their standard acknowledgement for the funding below ...

This project is supported by the East Peak Industrial Heritage Support Programme, which is jointly funded by English Heritage and the East Peak Leader Programme (with funding from Defra and the European Union).

Mel and Joan Jones

We thank Professor Mel, and Joan Jones, who were contracted to research Ecclesfield’s history, write the leaflets, and supply the illustrations. They did however, far more than this, including attending our meetings, and unveiling the boards for us. The text and some of the accompanying images on the Boards and Leaflets are reproduced on this web site (and elsewhere in connection with the project), with their permission.

PB Graphics

Ecclesfield Graphics Design Firm, PB Graphics were contracted to do the Graphic Layout and Typography. We are grateful for the high standard of this work, and for their providing permission to reproduce their graphics on this web site, as well as in promotional material and elsewhere in connection with the project.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer

... who contracted to provide the "Musketeer" stand.

Eric Eyre Funeral Services

We thank Mr. Eric Eyre for providing, free of charge, such a magnificent buffet for people attending the unveiling, and for coming along to the ceremony.

St. Mary's Church

We thank "The Ecclesiastical Parish St Mary's Ecclesfield", for making their historic building available to people attending the unveiling ceremonies. This must have been a very valuable Saturday morning that the Church gave us in support of the Heritage Boards.

Community Event Advice (CEA)

We thank CEA and in particular, Chris Fox for lending us his loud-hailer. Click here to see details of CEA, and the other events which they have supported.

Everybody who attended the unveiling ceremony

There was a great turnout for the unveiling ceremony. Attendees included Councillor Joyce Wright, and Councillors Vic and John Bowden. The video of the unveiling shows some of the other people who attended. It also gives our Chairman, John Ellis's thanks and acknowledgements, and Professor Jones's list of the people who contributed information and material to the project.

Local businesses and organisations hosting leaflets

We are grateful for the organisations in Ecclesfield and district, which have allocated some of their precious space to host one of our leaflet dispensers. At some 20 sites, there are too many to list here, but we will endeavour to keep the dispensers filled.

Members of the Conservation Group

Finally we thank our members. including our Chairman, Mr. John Ellis who took on the difficult job of organising everything, as well as all those who helped various stages of the project, from conceiving and refining the idea, to concreting the Boards' supports into the ground. Special thanks are due to Molly B, and Mo E. who provided the teas and coffees that were so important to warm us up after the unveiling.

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