Old Ecclesfield

The following thumbnails represent pictures which our members have in their possession, or which we have been shown.

St.Mary's Lane (1)   

 Marked "K/451/A/S:St.Mary's Lane, Ecclesfield drawn by W.G.Fox in 1887, donated by Capt. Alex & Mrs Joan Swann"

(Possibly one of the 74 pen and ink drawings under the cover-title "Rambling Sketches", sold by Auctioneers "Dominic Winter" on March 31, 2010 as lot 161, and referred to here)

See also the photograph at the top of page 13 of Joan and Mel Jones "Pocket Images / Ecclesfield, Grenoside, High Green and Chapeltown"

Historic picture of St. Mary's Lane

St. Mary's Lane (2) 

Signed "Martin Davenport 49". Martin Davenport is believed to have been an artist working for the Sheffield Telegraph.
Historic picture of St. Mary's Lane


A newspaper clipping captioned...

- A picturesque corner that is doomed to
destruction to allow of the winding road to be widened.

Historic picture of Ecclesfield

Old Trinity Methodist Chapel

High Street, Ecclesfield

Old Methodist Chapel, High Street, Ecclesfield

We might be about 100 years too late, but we are advertising W.R. Unwin -Stonemason, Ellis - Incandescent Mantles, G. Camplin - Wheelwrite, W.Allen - Bootmaker, and Frank Button, the man from the Pru.

If anybody has any more information about these premises, including the old Bootmaker's shop on St. Mary's Lane, please let us know.
Historic advertisement

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