Agenda for the Conservation meeting of 2010-04-19 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks

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a.    Welcome to members, new members, and visitors
b.    To register Apologies.
c.    Acceptance or amendment of the Minutes of the previous meeting.
  1. Report by KF on his attendance at the meeting with the Northern Community Assembly, and petition made on traffic issues
  2. Report on progress in the work on Ladycroft Meadow (being carried out by Ecclesfield in Bloom) and offer of help from the South Yorkshire Probation Service Payback scheme.
  3. Discussion of the renewed question of an "Ecclesfield Village Green".
  4. Report of a visit to the TC Mini-Mart, now under new management.
  5. Possible projects listed in the last minutes, including re-erecting boundary stones / village green / state of stocks / stile / wall opposite the Stocks
x.   Discussion on any new planning applications (See below).
y.   Any other business.
z.   Date of the next meeting.

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Information watch

A copy of the email we received from the new owner of the old Methodist Chapel, offering it to a community group for renting/leasing has been put on, and several interested parties have been contacted.

New Planning Applications
Application Ref. Date Received Date Validated                                Address                                                                                                                        Proposal                            

10/00880/OUT 24/03/2010 12/04/2010 Curtilage Of 29 Butchill Avenue Sheffield S5 9DH Erection of a dwellinghouse Pending Consideration

10/01147/FUL 09/04/2010 09/04/2010 British Telecom Telephone Exchange Nether Lane Sheffield S35 9ZX Installation of 2 louvres to replace existing windows Pending Consideration

10/00978/FUL 01/04/2010 01/04/2010 54 Cross Hill Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9WT Single-storey side extension to dwellinghouse Pending Consideration

10/01030/FUL 30/03/2010 30/03/2010 Land At Rear Of 65 Mellor Lea Farm Drive Johnson Lane Ecclesfield Sheffield Use of land as an extension to existing garden area (retrospective) and the erection of a garden sto... Pending Consideration

10/01027/CHU 30/03/2010 30/03/2010 79 The Common Sheffield S35 9WJ Use of part of ground floor as estate agents (Class A2) Pending Consideration

10/00550/COND 19/02/2010 18/03/2010 11and 15 Townfields Avenue Sheffield S35 9ZP Application to approve details in relation to condition number 1. expiry; 2. external materials and ... Pending Consideration

10/00087/FUL 14/01/2010 18/03/2010 Land Opposite Station Works Station Road Ecclesfield Sheffield Erection of an electricity substation Pending Consideration

10/00715/NMA 11/03/2010 16/03/2010 97 Cross Hill Sheffield S35 9WR Alterations to roof shape, 2 side windows removed, 1 rear window added, and stone to gable to match ... Application Granted

10/00750/TCA 15/03/2010 15/03/2010 12-16 Town End Road Sheffield S35 9YY Pruning/removal of tree (Ecclesfield Conservation Area) Application Granted

10/00749/FUL 15/03/2010 15/03/2010 101 Johnson Lane Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9XG Two-storey side extension, single-storey side extension, including garage, erection of rear conserva... Pending Consideration

10/00601/TPC 19/02/2010 19/02/2010 5 Ecclesfield Court Sheffield S35 9AD Tree removal (Planning Application numbers05/00368/FUL) Granted Conditionally

(The above were all validated from 19/02/2010 to 19/04/2010)
To see the documents, click on, Search, enter the application reference, then "Click to view" arrow, then "Associated Documents > View associated documents".

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