Agenda for the Conservation meeting of 2010-05-17 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks

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a.    Welcome to members, new members, and visitors
b.    To register Apologies.
c.    Acceptance or amendment of the Minutes of the previous meeting.
  1. Possible merger or other co-ordination between the "In-Bloom" and "Conservation" Groups.
  2. Ecclesfield Gala on 5th September 2010 - do we require a stand, and if so who can help man it.
  3. Wall at the bottom of Stocks Hill, opposite to "The Stocks" public house.
  4. An opportunity for members to comment before Keith Fish attends the Rotary Club meeting and mentions the Village Stocks.
  5. Discussions of the requirements for the Probation Service Payback scheme to help us implement the plan for Ladycroft Meadow (in conjunction with Ecclesfield in Bloom).
  6. Discussion of the City Council's Report on Traffic issues on Town End Road, the wheel and Wheel Lane.
  7. Possible projects listed in the last minutes, including re-erecting boundary stones / village green / state of stocks / stile / wall opposite the Stocks
x.   Discussion on new planning applications, including the Methodist Chapel (See planning application list below).
y.   Any other business.
z.   Confirmation of the date of the next meeting.

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New Planning Applications

Application Ref. Date Received Date Validated                                Address                                                                                                                        Proposal                            

10/01338/FUL 26/04/2010 26/04/2010 Ecclesfield Trinity Methodist Church High Street Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9XD Alterations to church for use as 8 apartments Pending Consideration

10/01256/FUL 19/04/2010 19/04/2010 95 Chapeltown Road Sheffield S35 9WD Two-storey side extension to dwellinghouse including car port and rear first-floor balcony Pending Consideration

10/00880/OUT 24/03/2010 12/04/2010 Curtilage Of 29 Butchill Avenue Sheffield S5 9DH Erection of a dwellinghouse Pending Consideration

(The above were all validated between 09/04/2010 and 15/05/2010)
To see the documents, click on, Search, enter the application reference, then "Click to view" arrow, then "Associated Documents > View associated documents".

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