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Minutes of the Conservation Group meeting of 2010-10-18 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks

[Numbers and letters in square brackets refer to corresponding items in the agenda of the same date. This version of the minutes was last amended on 2010-10-26]


[a] Keith Fish chaired the meeting.
[ ] Jim Percival jim AT ... took these minutes.
[b] 10 people attended the meeting, 5 people sent their apologies, and 27 people currently receive emailed minutes.

Things we are doing

[z] The next meeting of the Conservation Group will be on 2010-11-15 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks.
[1] SH showed us her updated mock up of the heritage board, which now pictures even more historical sites in the village. A "You Choose" grant has been applied for to cover part of the cost. Many members said that they would have difficulty getting to Newton Hall, Chapeltown on 16th November by the 18:00 deadline for voting, so it is important that anybody who can attend does so. We understand that there are 13 projects competing for grants, and that each voter will be able to put their top 5 projects in order of preference.
[2] JE handed us copies of his traffic survey sheets. St. Mary's Church Yard was thought to be the best place to position ourselves to count the traffic along Church Street, and the best day was thought to be Monday 1st November. A shift system was arranged, so that people can work in pairs for an hour at a time. JP will distribute the schedule for this. [This currently has vacancies around the middle of the day, so if anyone wants to volunteer to help for an hour, please speak to JP, KF, or LQ, all of whom need partners for one of their slots, or email jim AT ...].
[3] The problems we were having in monitoring planning applications for which all the council's deadlines had expired but on which no decision had been made, were discussed. JP was asked to contact the planning department on behalf of the Group and see if a way of monitoring such long term, Pending applications could be found. This affected the application for Ecclesfield Power station and the Old Methodist Chapel.
[4] Possible projects, including designation of a Village green and the position of any new boundary stones were mentioned. The wooden stocks in front of St. Marys Church were likely to be renovated next month, with the seat being replaced, and the choc located so that it cannot be removed.

Things we have done

[a] A number of us wrote our mobile phone numbers on the attendance sheet so that we could be contacted by SMS message in case of a change of meeting date or other emergency. If anybody else would like to be put on the list of people to receive such messages just let JP know - for example by emailing jim AT ....
[ ] We have received Ecclesfield In Bloom's contribution  for Ecclesfield Gala in the Park.
[ ] We wrote a cheque for 25 to cover our contribution to the newsletter organised by the Parks Group.

Resolutions Passed

[c] Copies of the Minutes of the meeting of 2010-09-20 (last amended on 2010-09-22) were distributed, and accepted without objection.
[x] We agreed that ID should determine whether the planning application to erect a dwelling house at 348 the Wheel (10/02838/FUL), affects the Green Belt, and if so draft out a formal letter of objection.

Notes and Information

[ ] Ecclesfield in Bloom have arranged a working party to spread soil and plant bulbs at Ladycroft Meadow on Saturday 30th October. Since we have a responsibility for this land, I should have put an item on our agenda [my apologies - JP]. However, if any members would like to take part, they can just arrive on site at 10 am.
[ The next meeting of Ecclesfield in Bloom has been put back a week. It is now scheduled for 2010-11-09 (Tuesday) at 19:00 pm, in the lounge bar of the Stocks as indicated on www.ecclesfieldinbloom.co.uk.
[ We received an email from "Action for Involvement" inviting people to their workshop on "Transport: the Future for Sheffield" at "DLA Piper, 1 St. Paul's Place", on Tuesday 26th October. There is a small charge, but John Bann will be speaking].
[ Sheffield City Council are asking people who want to volunteer (I guess that means unpaid) to be "Snow Wardens" this winter, to email them on streetforce@sheffield.gov.uk. However, any such wardens might be stuck without "snow bins". There are only 10 listed for Ecclesfield here. Perhaps our forthcoming traffic survey will provide evidence of need. JP.]
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