[Version 2016-03-21 by JP.]

Agenda for the Conservation AGM of
2016-03-22 at 19:00 in The Stocks

A.    Chair: Ian Deans

B.    Attendance and Apologies: Possibly, Roger Tordoff

C.    Minutes (We might need to do a quick verbal summary).

D.    Agenda Items:

  1.  Presentation of accounts (MM)
    - Elections: Chairman
                       Vice Chairman
                       Hon. Secretary
                       Hon. Treasurer
  2. - Parish Council Archive Project: Steering Group (ID)
                                                         Data Sub Group (JP)
                                                         Project Evaluation (ID)
                                                         Ecclesfield Library Sessions ( See "Notes to Agenda" below -JP)
  3. - Progress with Joint Survey (JP)
  4.  - Update on Gala (JP)
  5. - Any comments members may have on our physical archive.


X.    Planning Applications (See the last section of this agenda).

Y.    Any questions or comments on the Communications, Information, or Issues sections below; or any other business.

Z.     Dates of next meeting [e.g. 26th April]

Notes to the Agenda Items

1) This months Parish Archiving Event is on Wednesday 23rd March. (Google for "Events in Ecclesfield Library" to see details). Again we hope to get a monitor rigged up so that we can view some of Christine Handley's archive material. We have also been talking to someone who's house deeds go back to the 17XXs. They can't attend our evening meetings, but might be able to come to the afternoon session in the library. Like us, they are interested in any advice or help available to us for preserving old documents.

5) The Ecclesfield Conservation and Local History Group has been given some old ELR bills of sale, and a number of postcards/photographs. These are currently in our humidity controlled, fire-proof safe but and I will be taking some of them down to the library to see if Christine Handley knows of anybody who can tell us how to look after such material. There is therefore an opportunity for anybody who wants to look further into document presentation this or help.

Communications Received

Information watch

The items in this section will not be gone through one by one, but can be discussed in any other business if any member wishes to bring them up.


Issues from previous minutes

If any members can help, or want to bring any of the following up for any other reason, they can do so in any other business.


*     Our archive is not back yet. The necessary updates are proving harder to get going than I expected, but are still being worked on.


*     Joint Survey see item 3 above.


*     Designs for the pop-up banners are in progress, and JP is working on the text discussed at the last meeting, and on indications from a meeting with ID on the graphics.


*      We have a fireproof trunk for storing archive material. Members might prefer a more generally accessible location if one can be found [As well as perhaps other things such as our Gazebo].


*      We still have plans to survey major trees within the Conservation Area (we have just lost two major trees from the land between St Mary’s Lane and Ecclesfield Park).


*      We are still encouraging Sheffield City Council to proceed with their project to get their alcohol licensing system on-line so that everybody can see the opening times etc. which apply to each of the premises in the area. Meanwhile, we are continuing to check their manual list of licence applications.

New planning applications

The following planning applications were found by searching for Ward = “East Ecclesfield”, Parish = Ecclesfield Parish Council”, postcodes S35 9?? and S35 1TE, validated from 23 Feb 2016 to 21 Mar 2016.

[The contents of brackets and italics are my interpretation - usually made after only briefly scanning the documents. Older comments on long standing applications have been deleted, but should still be available on our web site]

This is the old Nat West / Royal Bank of Scotland, on the corner of next to the telephone exchange, which it is proposed to re-sign Williams & Glyn. The three parts of the "banner" sign are a total of 6.45 metres wide (21 ft), however the "visual drawings" show these merely wrap around the top of the existing building. They are also a fairly understated light-green on cream. There is also a vertical board saying "Welcome to / Sheffield Ecclesfield / branch. However, this is only 315 mm wide.

Previous planning applications, still pending


Previous planning applications, now decided

Alcohol Licensing