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Agenda for the Conservation meeting of
2017-10-24 at 19:00 in “The Stocks”

A.    Chair: Ian Deans

B.    Attendance and Apologies: Mr Adam Allcroft has said he wishes to join us for this meeting. Mr. Allcroft is the Conservative candidate for our Sheffield City Council East Ecclesfield Ward.

D.    Agenda Items:

1.   Chairmanship of group (ID)

2.  PC Archive Advisory Group- feedback from meeting (JP)

3.  Sheffield Heritage Strategy- next steps from launch (ID)

4. St Mary's Roof Project- response from Andrew Robinson (ID)

X.    Any other Planning Concerns. See the penultimate section.

Y.    Any questions or comments on the “Emails received”, “Information watch”, or “Issues remaining” sections below; or any other business.

Z.     Confirmation or modification of the next meeting date of “28th November 2017”. [As advertised on conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com].

On the Agenda Items

2.  Current state of the District Archive can be seen on ecclesfield-district-archives.com.


The items in the next few sections will not be gone through one by one, but can be discussed in any other business if any member wishes to bring them up.

Communications received, e.g. on ecclesfield.conservation@gmail.com

·        We were reminded about Sheffield City Council’s Ward Pot, and their by-monthly meetings to discuss allocations.

Information watch


Issues from previous minutes

If any members can help, or want to bring any of the following up for any other reason, they can do so in any other business.


*     Our on-line archive and website need attention - see Information Watch above.


*     Designs for the pop-up banners are still in progress.

*      We have a fireproof trunk for storing archive material. Members might prefer a more generally accessible location if one can be found [As well as perhaps other things such as our Gazebo].


*      We still have plans to survey major trees within the Conservation Area.


*      Sheffield City Council’s alcohol licensing system is still not on-line. I am now including the date of the first mentioned application, but our monthly meetings might still be missing some of them, and there does not seem to be any accessible record of decisions and rules in force.



New planning applications

The following planning applications were found by searching for Ward = “East Ecclesfield”, Parish = Ecclesfield Parish Council”, postcodes S35 9?? and S35 1TE, validated from 19th Sep to 23rd Oct 2017. [You may be able to click on the underlined links, and then the [Documents] tab to see the drawings etc. Otherwise, just go to planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/, then enter the “Ref. No” for the application you are interested in.
The contents of brackets and italics are my interpretation - made after briefly scanning some of the planning documents]

Still pending

 ·        Two-storey side and rear extension to dwellinghouse
23 Mellor Lea Farm Drive Sheffield S35 9TZ
Ref. No: 17/03916/FUL | Received: Mon 18 Sep 2017 | Validated: Mon 18 Sep 2017 |
[2017-10-23 Status: Awaiting decision]


·       Demolition of existing dwellinghouse and erection of a dwellinghouse
419 Whitley Lane Sheffield S35 8RP
Ref. No: 17/02758/FUL | Received: Fri 30 Jun 2017 | Validated: Fri 30 Jun 2017 | 24 Sep 2017 Status: Awaiting decision
[2017-10-23 I noticed a couple of objections to this application {and a reply from the applicant} on the grounds that
1) The new house is 23 {or 15} metres nearer to Whitely Lane, and to No 430 and 432.
2) The proposed dark {high quality charred larch} timber finish is inconsistent with the other properties.
3) The proposed metal {anthracite zinc}roof is inconsistent with the stone slates or tiles of the existing properties.
4) The objector notes that the hamlet is in an “Area of Special Character” and that Whitley Grange, Sylvester Farm, and Whitely Hall Farm are listed buildings. {However, the applicant notes that the existing building is in 1950’s red brick}.
Following the decisions of our last meeting, we left a neutral comment hoping that they “…ensure consistency and preserve the special nature of this lovely area


·        Demolition of training facility and single storey building for use as a restaurant with associated drive-thru, car parking and landscaping and associated works and installation of 2 Customer Order Displays with associated canopies
Land Adjacent South Yorkshire Police Divisional Headquarters The Common Sheffield S35 9WL
Ref. No: 16/01781/FUL | Received: Thu 12 May 2016 | Validated: Fri 13 May 2016
[ 2017-10-23  Awaiting Decision. No activity found since the 8th November extension of time (until 31st December  2016). Site still registers 167 comments, all of which seem to be against McDonald’s apart from the initial batch obtained by the applicant.]


·       Illuminated freestanding 12 metre high totem sign
land Adjacent South Yorkshire Police Divisional Headquarters, The Common, Sheffield S35 9WL
Ref. No: 16/01778/ADV | Received: Thu 12 May 2016 | Validated: Thu 12 May 2016
[ 2017-10-23  Awaiting Decision - see above.]


·        1 illuminated gateway sign, 6 illuminated totem signs, 1 illuminated panel sign, 2 illuminated freestanding directional signs and 1 post mounted directional sign, 3 post mounted banner signs and 21 parking signs - all non-illuminated
Land Adjacent South Yorkshire Police Divisional Headquarters The Common Sheffield S35 9WL
Ref. No: 16/01777/ADV | Received: Thu 12 May 2016 | Validated: Thu 12 May 2016 | Status:
[ 2017-10-23 Awaiting Decision - see above.]


·        Provision of one illuminated logo sign, three illuminated individual letter signs and two illuminated fascia signs
Land Adjacent South Yorkshire Police Divisional Headquarters The Common Sheffield S35 9WL
Ref. No: 16/01780/ADV | Received: Thu 12 May 2016 | Validated: Mon 16 May 2016 | Status:
[ 2017-10-23  Awaiting Decision - see above.]


·        Erection of a motorway service area including proposed facilities building, hotel, filling station, parking facilities for all vehicles, access and circulation internal roads, structured and natural landscaping with outside picnic space and dog walking area, associated infrastructure and earthworks (Town and Country Planning (EIA) Regulations 2011 Schedule 2 proposal) (Amended plans received 11 July 2014)
Smithy Wood Cowley Hill (Adjoining Junction 35 Of M1 Motorway) Sheffield 35
Ref. No: 14/01079/OUT | Received: Tue 25 Mar 2014 | Validated: Fri 11 Jul 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration.
[ 2017-10-23  Awaiting Decision. Still acknowledged as delayed, following the announcement of a proposal for a Motorway Service Station on the M1 at Junction33, which can now be seen at  http://rotherham.planportal.co.uk/?id=RB2017/1347. Between 12th - 25th Sept this showed one objection-petition with 87 signatures. The petition printouts from the “Joint Nature Conservation Committee , The Sun, and the Rotherham Advertiser ].


I could not see any “Ecclesfield” applications on the agenda for the next planning meeting at 2pm on 3rd Oct 2017. However, members may want to check the agendas for subsequent (10 day) periods at http://democracy.sheffield.gov.uk/ieListMeetings.aspx?CommitteeId=373 and see if they want to attend or speak on any of the decisions they may be concerned about.



·        Use of 3 x storey office building for the purpose of 18 flats (12 x 1 bedroom and 6 x 2 bedroom flats) (Use Class C3 - dwellinghouses)
North Sheffield Primary Care Trust 89 Green Lane Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9WY
Ref. No: 17/03386/ORPN | Received: Tue 08 Aug 2017 | Validated: Mon 21 Aug 2017
[2017-10-23 refused - “…no information has been submitted for  noise mitigation…”
The plans show what looks like the existing exterior and windows as all being retained, together with the existing entry and exit, stair wells and single lift. Possible issues include the difference in building regulations and other requirements between office and living accommodation
. E.g. fire, noise, and extra services. 
See http://www.thestar.co.uk/business/site-snapped-up-at-auction-by-south-yorkshire-developers-1-8728076 , on the purchaser’s statement, and http://www.acuitus.co.uk/property/2644/ or https://onlineauction.lsh.co.uk/lot/details/2133 for details of the sale for £380,000]

·        Use of residential outbuilding (Use Class C3) as an office (Use Class B1a)
54 Stocks Hill Sheffield S35 9YT
Ref. No: 17/03275/FUL | Received: Fri 04 Aug 2017 | Validated: Thu 10 Aug 2017 | 24 Sep 2017 [This is one of the terrace houses opposite The Stocks. The application seems to refer to an outhouse at the bottom of a fairly long garden, but the plans did not seem to include any major building work.
2017-01-23 Rejected - No objections appear to have been received but the officer report included  “…harmful effect on the living conditions of the occupiers of 54-56 Stocks Hill…”

·        Use of unit as indoor motorcycling facility
Theaker Recycling Unit 27 Ecclesfield 35 Industrial Estate Station Road Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9YR
Ref. No: 16/02736/FUL | Received: Tue 12 Jul 2016 | Validated: Fri 07 Oct 2016
[ 2017-10-23  Approved subject to approval of noise report. Restrictions include “use” within Friday 10:00 -22:00 and Saturday- Sunday 10:00 to 16:00].

·        Single-storey side/rear extension to dwellinghouse
15 Nether Crescent Sheffield S35 8PX
Ref. No: 17/03343/FUL | Received: Fri 28 Jul 2017 | Validated: Wed 23 Aug 2017 | 24 Sep 2017
[2017-10-23  Granted - “…very minimal impact…”]

Alcohol Licensing

·       From 6th September 2017: No Licensing Act Applications found in Ecclesfield Village.


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