Traffic Survey

      Our letter to Sheffield City Council of July 2011   

Ecclesfield Conservation Society has expressed concerns on a number of occasions with regard to the volume of traffic travelling through Ecclesfield via Wheel Lane, The Wheel, Town End Road And Church Street.

As a result we conducted 2 surveys showing the volume of traffic. I enclose the results for your consideration.

The Conservation Group and the residents of Ecclesfield are asking for a crossing across Church Street. A pedestrian crossing is needed from Priory Road and the NW side of Church Street.

The volume of traffic is not likely to decrease particularly with the opening of a 24 hour Asda and the proposalsfor Aldi on The Common.

I would welcome your response to our requests. The next meeting of the Consevation Society is on 19th September 2011.

John Ellis

Chair Ecclesfield Conservation Society

      Survey of 25 May  2011   

Traffic Flow We have now done a second survey to check the results of the first. The first survey was done on a Monday and the second on a Wednesday, so that together, they form a better sample of weekday traffic.
Both surveys show that the average number of vehicles passing through the Church St./St Mary's lane junction over the
7 a.m. to 8 p.m. period is around 1,000 per hour. The detailed results can be seen by clicking on the picture of the left.
      Survey of 1 November  2010   

We are hoping to present a petition to Sheffield City Council at the end of February 2011. If you have Microsoft Word on your computer, then you can open a blank petition form by clicking on the image on the right. People are welcome to print the form out, sign it, invite others to sign it, and post the result to us at No. 43, St. Mary's Lane.

A Copy will also be available for signing in St. Marys Church.

Click to download the petition

Map showing Church Street In order to see why we were having such difficulty crossing Church St. we did a traffic survey. We chose the portion of Church Street which forms a "T" junction with St. Marys Lane as being the place where most pedestrians need to cross in order to get to the Church, the Gatty Hall, or the houses on the North-West side of Ecclesfield.

Members of the Conservation Group stood by the roadside and used copies of this form to enter tallies for each vehicle that passed.
Part of the form

Graph of Traffic Flow The results for Monday 1st November 2010 were then collated, and are presented here.

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