To: Planning Team - West and North,

Sheffield City Council.


Dear Sir.

The “Ecclesfield Conservation and Local History Group” wish to comment on Application…

15/01567/FUL | Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of a dwellinghouse | 78 Mill Road Sheffield S35 9XQ


If this application is approved, then we suggest that no demolition or development to which the permission (or consent) relates should commence until an adequate photographic record of the WW2 prefab and any original outbuildings is taken and offered to a long-term repository.

Our reasons for suggesting this include …

1.    To record an increasingly rare piece of evidence of the effect of world war 2 on Ecclesfield Village.

2.  To mark the achievement of those who conceived, designed, manufactured, and installed, 156,623 desperately needed homes and created important work for factories. Also the dedication of the people who managed to preserve and keep in such an attractive condition for 70 years, buildings which were envisaged to last only 10 years.

3.    Because the prefab appears to be complete with its original outbuilding, seen to the left in the picture above.

4.  Because Interest in WW2, and the roll of Ecclesfield in it, is high, as evidenced by the recent well attended VE Day anniversary celebrations in Ecclesfield Library, and by comments made by members in the recent Conservation meeting.  

Repositories to which such record could be offered include the Ecclesfield Conservation and Local History Group’s archive at, the EPC’s “Ecclesfield Civil Parish Past and Present Archiving Project”, or several Sheffield, and South Yorkshire photographic archives.

The above was decided at the advertised, open meeting of the “Ecclesfield Conservation and Local History Group” on 26th May.

Signed, JP
Secretary of the Ecclesfield Conservation and Local History Group.