Ecclesfield Conservation and Local History Group

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Our meetings in The Stocks have ceased

If anybody wishes to start a new group with interests in Ecclesfield History, then they are welcome to contact us. .


In September 2022 our Extraordinary General Meeting decided to hand over ownership and responsibility for our three heritage boards, together with the balance of our bank account to the "Friends of Ecclesfield Park". We did this in view of the recent damage to the Heritage board on Ladycroft, and the fact that the Parks Group already look after two other boards in the village.

Our February 2020 meeting decided to sign the ePetition to place a permanent speed camera on Town End Road. If members or others want to give further support, they can sign it themselves at Speed Camera Petition until 31st March.

Our January 2020 meeting noted that the tenancy at the Black Bull was being advertised. Since the Black Bull is an important part of the Ecclesfield Conservation Area, and is tied up with much social capital, we decided to link to details of the Pub tenancy

Government's Consultation on Trees & Woodland
Our January meeting decided to add a comment to the above Government consultation, supporting the proposal to make it mandatory for Local Authorities to consult before felling street trees, such as the magnificent Sycamore shown opposite which we used to have on Yew Lane at the top of Stocks Hill. Click to see a copy of our comment.
Enable pictures to see the Sycamore tree felled on Yew Lane

Emission controls on fracking may be relaxed
The Conservation Group has submitted comments to the Environment Agency's proposals which the Group believe would reduce the penalties levied on firms which emit more than their permitted amounts of toxic materials. We also prepared the following press release on Environment Agency penalties
enable pictures to see a photograph of the River Don in Sheffield

27 Sep 2018 19:30 . Radioactivity and Fracking.
is giving a public meeting in St Mary's Church Hall, High Green S35 3HS (on the corner of Mortomley and Pack Horse Lane, with car parking behind the church). Meetings of the Conservation Group have expressed their opposition to the proposed processing of waste from fracking on Starnhill Close off Station Road. for an interview with Dr. Fairlie
World War 1
New research into the men whose names appear on the Ecclesfield War Memorial in St. Mary's Church yard as having given their lives in the Great War, has yielded their regiment and something of their genealogy. The result, which is best viewed on wide screen can be seen here

Players Lounge Application for change of use
The planning application for Players Lounge on Yew Lane has been revived, and Sheffield City Council are accepting further objections, comments or support. We can discuss this in our next meeting. Meanwhile, if in view of the stabbing outside the club on 17th June 2018, or for any other reasons, anyone wants to make a new submission, or change their previous submission, then they can do so as follows:-
If not already registered, click here, then on the "Register" tab and enter your details, including a suitable password, and wait for the automatic registration email.

When registered, click the link, then the "Login" tab, and log in with your password. This will show the [Make a Public Comment] button, which needs to be clicked. Scroll down to "Commenter type:" and select "Neighbour". Decide whether to "Object", "Support" or Neutral/Other. You can also describe any special reasons for your comment in the text box. Clicking the [submit] button sends the comment off.
click to go to the Sheffield Star report of the recent stabbing

There is a meeting of "Frack Free Ecclesfield and Chapeltown" at 7:30pm on 14th Aug 2018 in Ecclesfield Library. Conservation members and others are welcome to attend.
Our March meeting re-affirmed our opposition to the processing of waste water from fracking on "Station Road" Ecclesfield, and submitted this objection to the Marsh Lane Enguiry.
Fracking poster

Our objection to plans for a "drive-through restaurant" on The Common

Click to see our objection to McDonalds Restaurants Limited's plans for the old Police Training School on The Common. We hope that the total of 146 objections registered so far will be enough to give the Council the evidence and courage they need to turn the application down. Otherwise, Members and others with views may need to make their own comments, which they can do by emailing them to (including their postal address), or by registering on the Sheffield City Council's planning site

Enable pictures to see a thumbnail of the old Police Training School

M1 J35 Motorway Service Station
Click here to see our objection to the main application. and comments on the amended proposals, including our objection to the proposed loss of ancient woodland and green belt . We hope that the massive total of 778 objections registered so far will be enough to give the Council the evidence and courage they need to turn the application down. Members and others can still have their say by emailing the Council on (and including their postal address), or by registering on the Sheffield City Council's planning site
enable pictures to see Ecclesfield Park

Our November meeting supported the proposed change in the route for HS2 away from Smithy Wood. We have therefore submitted this response to the Government's consultation on the route. We suggest that this gives Sheffield City Council the opportunity to save this ancient woodland by turning down the planning application for a motorway service station on Smithy Wood.

Our previous submission disagreed with the original route. Some of our reasons can be seen in this Woodland Trust video, pointing out the damage the old HS2 route would have done to ancient woodlands.
The Existing HS1 train

Click here to see our public liability certificate. (We have received an email from Zurich extending our cover to 25-Sep-20).
Enable pictures to see the Zurich Insurance logo

Ecclesfield Christmas Tree
We thank Ecclesfield Parish Council for their grant towards the 2017 Christmas Tree.
All we need now is the tree itself. Hence if anybody has a fir-tree they want disposed of please contact us or Ecclesfield in Bloom
Enable pictures to see the fly tipping in Hartley Brook

Flowing Through Time, Sheffield�s River Don - 24th November, 10.30am
A talk by Mike Spick starting at 10:30 in Chapeltown Library. Following the course of the Don, this presentation highlights the sights and places that have survived and those which are now just memories.
please enable pictures

Fly tipping
The path along Hartley Brook is lovely at the moment, with the only exception being one spot of fly tipping. We have therefore reported this to Sheffield City Council ( on 2017-05-25).
Enable pictures to see the fly tipping in Hartley Brook

Trees and Woodlands Strategy
The Conservation Group has just made a submission to Sheffield City Council's new Consultation on Tree and Woodland Strategy. The consultation is meant to guide the management of the Council's non-highway trees from 2016 - 3030, so members and others may wish to make their own comments, e.g. at the above link, or perhaps discuss it on Facebook.
Photograph of trees along the Ladycroft path

Joint Survey
We look forward to receiving lots of survey forms back, with answers to the questions given to us by Ecclesfield in Bloom, Ecclesfield Library, Revitalising Ecclesfield Park & Pavilion Group, and Ecclesfield Street Dusters. The envelope is "Reply Paid", so returning it is just a matter of dropping it into a post box. Otherwise, you are welcome to bring it into Ecclesfield Library. (Just push the envelope under the front door if the library is closed.)

We look forward to passing the answers on to the respective groups, and are especially looking forward to see if anybody completes our questions about Ecclesfield's history and heritage.
Enable pictures to see the envelope

Our objection to planned change of use of the old Oakwell carpet shop to a "Micro-pub"
Following our objection to the planning application for change of use to a public house for 99 Cross Hill, we are pleased to note that a total of 56 objections have now been lodged. This demonstration of public feeling against the application is so great that we ask and expect that the application will now go to a public meeting of the Planning Committee, rather than being delegated to officers.

Since our objection contained only a summary of the consensus points discussed in our July meeting, and in any case, merely counts as one objection, members and others may want to make their own comments to the Council. They can do this, either by registering on the Council's web site, or by emailing giving their postal address.
Enable pictures to see a thumbnail of 99 Cross Hill

Historical Documents
We are grateful for the donation of a batch of early "Eadon Lockwood & Riddle" bills of sale and other documents. We are scanning them for submission to the Ecclesfield Civil Parish Archives. If anybody wants to help with this work or has other documents or photographs they want to submit, please email us on please enable picturesplease enable pictures or come to one of our meetings
Enable pictures to see a thumbnail of the sort od documents involved

Visit to Sheffield Archives
The Parish Council Archiving Project has managed to arrange a special viewing of historical documents from the Ecclesfield area, including some of the recently-available material from the Gatty Family. The viewing is in Sheffield from 1.30 to 3.30 on a Monday. If you are interested, Email Christine Handley at the Parish Council for more details.

Reminiscence sessions
These historical reminiscence sessions are extremely interesting, great fun, and as we learn more, each one is better than the one before. Just come to Ecclesfield Library at 15:00 on the last Wednesday of the Month, or see more details on the library's Events Page.

Our comment on a planning application for a tree in the Conservation Area
The Conservation Group tries to look at all the planning applications made for the Conservation Area and its surroundings. We don't comment on very many of them, but our last meeting was so impressed by the amount of thought and consideration being given to the pruning of a tree on the High Street, that we commented to the Council as follows ...

The "Ecclesfield Conservation and Local History Group" wishes to express its support and thanks to everyone who has contributed, and is contributing, their expertise to the decisions currently being made on how best to maintain this magnificent tree. This includes the property owner, in recognising the importance of the tree to the Ecclesfield Conservation Area, the tree surgeon who gave the initial advice, and the planning officer who has agreed to meet the owner and look at the tree.

We encourage everybody who is responsible for a tree in the Conservation Area, with a trunk diameter of over 75mm to similarly apply for planning permission, and point them to this case to illustrate the advice and support available.

If anybody has any further comments, they are welcome to email please enable picturesplease enable pictures or register and enter their comment directly into Sheffield City Council's planning site.
Enable pictures to view the tree

We are sharing a stand at the 2016 Ecclesfield Gala with the Parish Council Archiving Project. If you would like to help us man the stand and perhaps talk to people about the History of Ecclesfield, then please email us on please enable picturesplease enable pictures, or come to one of our meetings.

Volunteer Fair - 19th September 1pm
We are looking forward to attending the volunteer Fair in Ecclesfield Library.
Three controversial planning applications in or around Ecclesfield are about to be decided (see below). If anybody is interested in any of these, just pop into the library between 1 and 4pm, and we can show them how to object or comment on the application.
Enable pictures to see a thumbnail planning notice

13 Dec 2015 18:00 Ecclesfield Christmas Tree.
This year's tree is the result of a fantastic, collaborative effort by each of the following ...
Enable pictures to see a thumbnail of Ecclesfield Christmas Tree

20 Sep 2015 11:30 Community Picnic at Smithy Wood. CRAG invite everybody to a Family Community Picnic in the field at the Travellers Pub, off Junction 35 of the M1, S35 1YU.
enable pictures to see Ecclesfield Park

Old Building Plans
* If anybody has any pre 1918 building plans, they might want to offer them to Sheffield city Archives. They have just been awarded a grant to preserve them.

prefabs on Mill Street
We note that Sheffield City Council is to consider a planning application to replace one of the prefabs on Mill Street. As expressed in our May meeting, members value the "concrete" link with the past, and have made a suggestion to the Council that the building be photographed before demolition.
Enable pictures to see the prefab

Pinks Estate Agent Signs
As can be seen on Sheffield City Council's planning website, the planning permission for the retention of the facia name sign outside Pinks Estate Agent has been refused.
Since both our objection, and the Council's decision notice, refer to the fact that signage is within the Ecclesfield Conservation Area, we are looking forward to seeing a solution which is compatible with the rules for Conservation Areas, as well as the laws on shop signage in general.

Tree felling on Network Rail land
Members and others, concerned about the land-clearance being done along the side of the railway line, are welcome to come along to our next meeting. We need people's ideas, comments, and opinions, in order to try to come up with a solution and perhaps decide on a course of action.

Click here to see what the result of the clearance looks like

The work was first reported to us, when the stretch of Woolley Wood immediately adjacent to the railway line, and running parallel to the road between Ecclesfield and Meadowhall was being cleared. These reports said that the self-sown ash, birch and sycamore, which had grown up over the past 40 years were being cleared, and some larger trees were being felled. We therefore suspect that the same thing will be done along the full length of the line through Chapeltown and beyond. Among the issues this raises, are ...
Woolley Wood

2015 Meeting Dates

Our general meetings are scheduled for 28/July, none/August, 22/September, 27/October, 24/November, none/December
A January calendar

Picture of an archive
District Archiving Project
Ecclesfield Parish Council have now appointed a project co-ordinator for the district archiving project. If anybody wants to attend the series of courses she is running on the use of Townsweb Archiving's digital archive creation system, please email us on please enable picturesplease enable pictures.

The first set of courses runs until 11th December.


Tree felling in Sheffield
The Rustlings Road trees have been given a reprieve, says a July article in The Star.

Following the destruction of the mature sycamore tree on Yew Lane at the top of Stocks Hill, Amey have told us that although they are not going to plant a new tree in the old stone planter, they are proposing to plant shrubs in the planter, and then maintain them. Amey are also proposing to plant a Field Maple on the verge opposite, and are looking at the possibility of planting other trees further up Yew Lane.

We are also pleased to be able to report some very positive responses to our enquiries about Amey's procedures for tree maintenance. As can be seen from the map of proposed works, the Ecclesfield Conservation Area is now shown. "Conservation Area" status is therefore much clearer, and we therefore hope and believe that it will be taken into account earlier in Amey's future decision making. Furthermore, Amey, are offering to circulate us with details of any further work that might be proposed on other "street trees". If anybody wants to hear about these, or is concerned about trees in their area, they are welcome to come to our next meeting or email please enable picturesplease enable pictures.

To see a larger Google StreetView picture showing what has been lost, just click on the thumbnail on the right.
Enable pictures to see an image of the Old Yew Lane Sycamore

enable pictures to see Ecclesfield Park
New website for Ecclesfield Park
We congratulate the Revitalising Ecclesfield Park and Pavilion Group on their new website, and are pleased to promote it here. To find out about what is going on in the Park, just click on the link for Ecclesfield Park

Preservation of Ecclesfield's History
We thank Ecclesfield Parish Council for the action they are taking to preserve the history of the area. In particular, we thank them for setting up the "Ecclesfield District Archive Group", and providing a vital on-line backup service for all the Archiving groups in the District. Because of this, we can assure our donors that anything placed in our Ecclesfield Village Archive will be preserved for future generations.

We are also glad to support the Ecclesfield District Archive's bid for Heritage Lottery funding. If successful, this should enable us to improve our software; and for other groups in the district to put their collections on-line. If anybody wants to lend any historical photographs for scanning, or contribute other material, just email us on please enable picturesplease enable pictures, or just come to a meeting.

Ecclesfield boundary Planters
If anybody knows of a good roadside site for a "Welcome" planter on the outskirts of Ecclesfield please email .

please enable pictures

We have already obtained permission, and are working with others to put a planter on the verge at the junction of Church Street and Chapeltown Road. However, we are hoping to put two planters in place and are therefore looking for a second site on one of the other roads into the village.

Pictures of Green's Foundary (later Moorwood Vulcan)
Members are interested in any pictures anybody might have of the old Green's foundry (later Moorwood Vulcan). If anybody has any photographs they are willing to share with us, please email please enable picturesplease enable pictures.

Picture of the old Rollem Mill Bulding
Old pictures of Rollem
If anybody has any old pictures of the old Rollem Patent Products, (Now Aldi), please email please enable picturesplease enable pictures.

Ecclesfield Library
We have withdrawn our Registration of Interest in Ecclesfield Library in favour of the Friends of Ecclesfield Library. We wish them every success in keeping Ecclesfield Library open.

We understand that anyone bringing any historic photographs of Ecclesfield Village to the library between 9:30 and 12:30 on 8th February for scanning into the Ecclesfield Village Archive will receive a free copy.

Local Customs
29 Oct 2014 (Wednesday) 19:30 House Visiting Customs in Ecclesfield and Beyond. An illustrated talk by Ruairidh (Rory) Greig in Ecclesfield Library, 129a High Street.

Thursday 15th May at 7:30pm - Bring the past to life
Jenny Bland, the lady with the "History Van" is giving a talk at the Grenoside Reading room.           

7th May (Wednesday) at 7pm at Newton Hall, Chapeltown

Ecclesfield Parish Council are inviting people to give their views on the Proposed service station on Smithy Wood, before they respond to Sheffield City Council planning Department.
Several members of the Ecclesfield Conservation Group are hoping to attend. Click on the poster opposite for details.
Details of the proposals can be seen on "Sheffield City Council's planning website
(to see the proposal, click the "Documents" tab. Alternatively, to see the objections lodged so far, click the "Comments" tab, and then "Public Comments". Anybody can make a comment, by clicking "Register". After entering your details and receiving the confirmation email, go back to the planning page, and click "Login".)
There is also an "e-petition against placing a service station on Smithy Wood.
Enable pictures to see a thumbnail of Smithy Wood

2nd March 2014 (Sunday) - Ancient Woodland
An illustrated talk on Yorkshire's ancient woodlands by Professor Ian Rotherham at the Potteric Carr Nature Reserve. Click poster or ring Doncaster 01302 570077 to book. �3.50 per person.

Several historic films of the area have been made available on the Yorkshire Film Archive.
They include a fascinating 1942/3 film called "ECCLESFIELD HOLIDAY WEEK" and taken in Ecclesfield Park.

Felled Tree on Nether Lane
Sheffield City Council have explained that the large oak tree on Nether Lane, adjacent to the Hydra development had to be felled to improve visibility. We thank the planning officer for the very full reply we received, and for pointing out that "replacement trees on the site frontage... . [were] ... required given the need to remove the Oak."

In this case the applicant for planning permission for the site had marked the tree very clearly on their plans, and the Council knew of its value. However, this might not always be the case. We therefore encourage anybody who is concerned about an asset on a site subject to a pending planning application, to mention it in a comment on . Alternatively, if they have a photograph, they can email it to please enable picturesplease enable pictures with the planning application number. They could also alert us by emailing please enable picturesplease enable pictures, or by coming along to one of our meetings.
Oak Tree on Nether Lane

Smiley face
We thank Mr and Mrs Santhouse for allowing us to publish some of their historic photographs. These include some "Santhouse" and "Bell" family photographs going back to 1927, as well as photographs of the "Ecclesfield Ebenezer Methodist Church", "Secondary Modern School" music festival, a Sunday school parade, and a most intriguing archery group. Click the photograph on the left to see the historic SANTHOUSE photographs"

Monday 21st October - Wentworth in the 1500s
A Talk by Melvyn Jones, at the Wadsley anbd Loxley Commoners Annual General Meeting

16th September - "Sheffield from the 18th Century"

Saturday 21st September - "Professor Mel Jones at the Yorkshire Dialect Society"
Professor Mel Jones is talking to The Yorkshire Dialect Society about the stories of Ecclesfield Born Juliana Ewing (1841 - 1885) at 14:00 in St. Andrew's Penistone. All welcome - entrance �2 (including refreshments).

Ecclesfield Community Garden Open Day
We had a great time at the Community Garden Open day last Sunday (14th July). The "Community Gardeners" were there, and we could see lots of evidence of their work, but on that day, they seemed to relax, enjoy the lovely sunny summer afternoon, and tend to their visitors. Perhaps that was just as well because the count showed that 72 adults and 26 children attended.
Unlike the other stands which concentrated on new, fresh produce, ours concentrated on the past. We displayed our industrial heritage leaflets, as well as a stand showing pictures from the Ecclesfield Village Archive. These showed children enjoying two vanished, but very tall, slides and a long-gone paddling pool in Ecclesfield Park. All the photographs of the park were taken in the same bright sunshine that we were experiencing, and visitors (and us) had no difficulty in imagining ourselves being back there.
These and lots of other photographs can be seen in the Ecclesfield Village Archive.
Picture of the Conservation stand at the Open day

Sheffield Library Local Studies Department, contributed to "How the North was built". You can see the program on

Picture of a Park
Old Photographs and other documents about Ecclesfield wanted
We are are hoping to borrow photographs and other documents which show what Ecclesfield was like in the past. If you have anything that you are prepared to let us scan, preserve, and perhaps make available on the Internet as part of the Ecclesfield Archive, please email Enable pictures to see our contact detailsplease enable pictures.

We are hoping to move the Ecclesfield Village Archive to Wordpress. To do this, we need a Wordpress theme, plugin, widget or other software which will allow visitors to select and "zoom in to" our high resolution photographs. If anybody knows of one, please email Enable pictures to see our contact detailsplease enable pictures.

National Planning Policy Framework
We note that the new National Planning Policy Framework, emphasises sustainable development and bio-diversity, and says that planning decisions should "conserve heritage assets".

Heritage Boards 2 and 3 unveiled on 1st December 2012
These cover the history of the area from Whitely to Smithy Wood, and from Nether Lane to Butterthwaite Dam.         Click on the video on the left to see Professor Mel Jones unveil the boards describing these areas; or on the thumbnail on the right to see our official photographs of the event.         See also, our thanks and acknowledgements for the people and organisations that made this possible.

Historical Photographs of Ecclesfield
Click on the thumbnail on the right to see more historical pictures of Ecclesfield. These scanned photographs are part of an archive of the history of the Village which we are starting to put together. Please therefore email any information or enquiries you might have, whether about significant current events or historical documents to please enable picturesplease enable pictures.
Note that the photographs and the historical documents below will be disconnected on 2013-06-25, and may take time to get working again. However, they will then be on a high speed Plusnet FTTC connection.
Display images to see an early picture of the Jeffcock Memorial fountain (complete with spire)

enable pictures to see the Ridge Ledgers

enable pictures to see the Ridge Ledgers
Historical Documents
The scanning of Bernard Ridge's day book and ledger is complete. Click on the thumbnail on the left to see something of gimlet, auger and brace bit manufacture in Ecclesfield from 1899.           We are still hoping to make it possible for people to read the text, and add it to our web site, so that people searching for the names of the people or companies mentioned in the Ledgers can find the relevant pages. An example of "searchable text can be seen here. If anybody has any suggestions on ways by which something like this might be produced, please email them to Allow images in your browser to see our contact detailsplease enable pictures

You can also click on the thumbnail on the right to see the Diary of Mr John Lee, documenting his work in industrial Thorpe Hesley from 1879.


EPIP, who funded our Heritage Board projects, are offering funding for 2013 to local groups with performance traditions, including dance, music and song. Click here to see the press release EPIP sent us.

The Ecclesfield Conservation Group are pleased to promote Ecclesfield Gala's new web site, and wish them well in their search for volunteers to help run next year's event.

South Yorkshire Archaeology Day - Saturday 24th November 2012       

Click here to see details and to book before all the places are filled
village signs icon

village signs icon
Industrial Archaeology Summer School, Fridays July 13th to August 10th       
The British Council for Archaeology delivered a free Summer School on Industrial Archeology from July 13th to August 10th. See East Peak Innovation Partnership, or click on download their poster

Junction between Church Street and St. Mary's Lane
Ecclesfield's Working Past - Part 1 The Village Core
Click on the video on the left or for a slide show click on the thumbnail on the right, to see a slide show of the unveiling of the Industrial Heritage Board in Ladycroft Meadow on St. Mary's Lane. (If your computer is as old as mine, then it is probably better to click on any picture you want to display, and then on the back button when finished. However, a modern computer should automatically pan and zoom smoothly).
You can also click on the following link to see the first leaflet, which deals with Ecclesfield's working past - the village core (Scroll down for side 2), or the next link to see our thanks and acknowledgements.

Industrial History in the making?
Walking along Green Lane, we could not help seeing a huge yellow bridge-like structure being constructed on the Butterthwaite Lane Business Park. Since it looks like nothing we have ever seen before, we asked the owners, and was amazed to hear that Engineering is not only still alive in Ecclesfield, but that it is still making history. Something which also deserves publicity perhaps.

lympic Torch changover at Bangor
Ecclesfield Olympic Torch Reception - 15:00, Monday 25th June
Everybody had a fantastic party when the Olympic Torch passed through Stocks Hill. Shad Ellis performed his Will Smith impressions, and the celebrations continued on into the evening. Click here to see the Torch arrive in Ecclesfield, or click on or to see Tweets about the Torch, or see articles in the Sheffield Telegraph or LookLocal.
With thanks to Sheffield's Northern Assembly, and local businesses for their support.

One of bells at St. Mary's Church
New Bells in St. Mary's Church

Lots of pictures of the new and refurbished, bells, now installed in St. Mary's Church, and some pictures of the old bells have sprung up all over the Internet. Some of them can be seen here...

Coping Stones
Ecclesfield seems to be loosing the stone copings from the tops of its many traditionally built walls.We have written a letter to Sheffield City Council. However, if while we are waiting for a reply, anybody wants to see photographs of the problem, comment or suggest a solution, then they can do so at Ecclesfield Conservation Wikia.

In response to our petition and our two surveys of the traffic on Church Street, the Northern Community Assembly have prepared an extremely large and thorough report. (Click the following link to see details of both our traffic surveys). The report acknowledges the difficulty which pedestrians have in crossing Church Street due to the amount of traffic, but says that it is difficult to find a good site for a crossing. The report, and our request remains on file, but we understand that the project is not recommended for inclusion in this years limited budget.
Junction between Church Street and St. Mary's Lane

Map showing the Bradbury site
  Bradbury's planning approval
Sheffield City Council have emailed us their reasons for their having conditionally approved the plans for a Garage/Workshop on the "Bradbury's Haulage site between Yew Lane and Town End Roads (as modified in January 2012). This follows our letter of objection, the objections raised by nearby residents, and the objections of Councillors. The Report of the Area Board  is available at 11/03358/FUL. We note the conditions made, including the requirement for a landscaping belt along the southern edge of the site, and that use of the new building is restricted to 08:30 - 18:00 Mon-Fri, and 09:00 to 16:00 on Saturday, with no working on Sundays or Bank Holidays. We also note the report's comment that approval of permission for the site is "Despite its clear incompatibility with its location".

Although controlled by its visitors rather than by the Ecclesfield Conservation Group, clicking on the map opposite should bring up a Wiki entry showing the (already half-completed) building.

We note that the planning application for a mobile phone mast in the centre of the Grenoside Conservation Area has been withdrawn. Click on the picture on the right to see the application.
Junction between Church Street and St. Mary's Lane

We have decided to take a stand at the Ecclesfield Gala.

Map showing incidence of Violent Crime in December 2010 Click here to see a "crime map" for Ecclesfield, or here for South Yorkshire Police's Facebook page, or here to stay up to date with short timely messages from Sargent Hammond.

--- NEWS for Nov 2010 ---
--- NEWS FOR Oct 2010 ---
--- NEWS FOR AUG-SEPT 2010 ---
--- NEWS FOR JULY 2010 ---
--- NEWS FOR JUNE 2010 ---
Aldi on the old Rollem Fabrications site. See application 11/01426/FUL� to see our letter commenting on the application.
The application for a Bio-fuel, Power station on Loicher Lane has been withdrawn. see application 09/02979/FUL� .
We note application10/01338/FUL "Old Methodist Chapel" has now been granted, but for 6 apartments (plus a resident caretaker flat), not the original 8. Further changes include an increases to the area of obscure glazing, which the Conservation Group wrote to comment upon.
(In case of difficulty viewing the planning documents above, click instructions for installing Adobe Reader)

Conservation Issues,   Letter from SCC about buildings in the Conservation Area
Aims of the Ecclesfield Conservation Group,      Constitution of the Ecclesfield Conservation Group     Ecclesfield Conservation Group procedures      Public liability certificate
Preserving what is best about the Sheffield Village of Ecclesfield
We support the new St. Marys Lane air pollution sensor. Historic Buildings For Sale or Rent. . Pictures of Ecclesfield,   Walks around Ecclesfield,  other Ecclesfield Groups...
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