Ecclesfield Conservation and Local History Group


We have just renewed our insurance policy.
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Activities covered


Excluded activities

a)  Manufacturing
b)  Running a care home
c)  Providing outreach or homecare workers - where physical care is provided
d)  Owning a building with a history of subsidence
e)  Holding events featuring staging erected by you or PA systems that are overhanging or require rigging 1
f)  Organising or taking part in demonstrations, marches or parades linked to political, lobbying or activist groups. Cover is not available for any political or commercial organisation.
g)  Organising or managing your own firework displays/bonfires 2
h)  Managing a Bouncy Castle or other inflatable play areas and goods 2
i)  Running a motorised float 2
j)  Organising or taking part in stunt driving, or adrenaline sports
k)  Any role where there is frequent and/or intensive contact with children and/or vulnerable adults

Note that we do not ourselves organise or host events, and if we attend events, we rely on the organiser's or venue's insurance.

Further Details