[If anybody has any problems reading this emailed agenda, a copy is available to browse on conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com]

Agenda for the Conservation Group meeting in the Stocks at 7:30 on Monday 13th July 2009

a.    Welcome to members, new members, and visitors, including we hope, Russ Kelly, Lottery Funding Officer for Sheffield City Council, John Brady, Chair of Ecclesfield Village Plan, and someone from TC's Mini Mart.
b.    To register Apologies from Peter Barker, and possibly others.
c.    Acceptance or amendment of the Minutes of the previous meeting.
  1. Litter problem on the old Garage Site opposite to TC's Store.
  2. Whether we can take on the maintenance of the old Garage Site.
  3. Report by Jim Percival on problems resulting from his lack of the time needed to write detailed minutes, and problems resulting from their distribution (Items 4, 5, 6 below might solve this).
  4. To receive proposals as to where to  move our Internet site to following the email we have received regarding our current site (See below for the email).
  5. Whether to give "Ecclesfield Village Plan" permission to make the front page of our site visible in a box on their new Ecclesfield Village Page, or to ask them to remove it (Click on www.ecclesfieldgroups.com to see the page).
  6. Whether to promote ecclesfield.wikia.com/conservation as a page where our members can effectively write their own minutes, or not to promote it.
  7. Report on sign posts.
  8. Report on the benches and walls on land between Priory Road and St. Mary's Church.
x.   Discussion on any new planning applications (See below).
y.    Any other business.
z.    Date of the next meeting.

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Planning Applications


09/01763/OUT 05/06/2009 05/06/2009 Site Of Geo Fisher Transport Depot Green Lane Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9WY Erection of 52 dwellings and provision of associated car parking accommodation and landscape works Pending Consideration
10 09/01636/FUL 01/06/2009 01/06/2009 17 Crakehall Road Sheffield S35 9WQ Two-storey side extension to dwellinghouse including garage Pending Consideration

11 09/01496/FUL 14/05/2009 15/05/2009 34 Butchill Avenue Sheffield S5 9DH Single-storey front extension and erection of two dormer windows to rear of dwellinghouse Granted Conditionally

14 09/01196/COND 17/04/2009 17/04/2009 70 Yew Lane Sheffield S5 9AN Submission of application 09/00351/FUL condition details - Condition 2. External masonry Conditions Discharged with advice

See http://planningdocs.sheffield.gov.uk/WAM/findCaseFile.do?action=show&appName=planning&appNumber=09/01196/COND shows item 14 above to be a change to natural, reclaimed stone, for this two storey side extension to No., 70 Yew Lane. These applications  were all validated between 17/04/2009 and 11/07/2009

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