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Minutes for the Conservation Group meeting in the Stocks at 7:30 on Monday 10th August

[Numbers and letters in square brackets refer to corresponding items in the agenda]


[a,b] Chair: Keith Fish
Treasurer: Peter Barker
Secretary: Roger Tordoff
Minutes Secretary: Jim Percival
Members: Including the above, 11 people attended the meeting, (33 currently receive emailed minutes)

Things we are doing

[z] Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Conservation Group is to be held in the Stocks on Monday 14th September 2009 at 7:30 pm.
[2] Finger Posts: Sadly, only one fingersign has been renovated, with the other one outside St. Marys Church being just a post.
[1] Old Garage Site/St. Marys Green:We have now received a written offer from Sheffield City Council to the Ecclesfield Conservation Group, inviting us to take on the maintenance of the land. One of the terms of the offer is the taking out of an insurance policy. The offer has therefore been shown to our existing insurance brokers, and we are waiting for a quotation from them before deciding whether to accept the offer from the Council. We resolved to call the land "St. Marys Green".
[4] Ecclesfield Gala: We are sharing a stand with Ecclesfield in Bloom and the Scrubbers on 6th September. We should have a gazebo, and one table, but really need an offer of a second table, and perhaps some chairs in case any of the people manning the stand wish to sit down. A prize competition has been organised, but we still  need offers of prizes. Chocolates, or biscuits would be very gratefully received, but not alcohol because the gala does not have a liquor licence. It all needs to come together between 10:30, and the official start of the Gala at 12:00. Banners and leaflets have been organised, but people are still needed to give the leaflets out and help man the stand.

Things we have done

[3] Boundary Wall and Benches near St. Marys Church: We have now renovated a total of six benches and some 28 meters of topping stone. The wooden bench seats are still bare, and drying out, however, the intension is to oil the wood but not to change the natural colour of the oak by staining or varnishing it.

Resolutions Passed

[c] The Minutes of the meeting of 2009-07-13 were accepted as a true and accurate reflection.
[x] It was decided to write to the council about planning application 19. [However, I found that the time for commenting on this has expired, so I have put some information about the loss of Ecclesfield's horse chestnuts on
http://ecclesfield.wikia.com/conservation and will bring the issue up at tonight's "In Bloom" meeting.
[y] Sign on the Pizza shop on Church Road. To ask Sheffield City Council whether planning permission has been granted for what appears to be a new shop sign in a conservation area, and if appropriate lodge a formal objection.

Notes and Information

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