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Agenda for the Conservation meeting in the Stocks at 7:30 on Monday 14/9/2009

a.    Welcome to members, new members, and visitors (Keith Fish is not available to Chair this meeting)
b.    To register Apologies.
c.    Acceptance or amendment of the Minutes of the previous meeting.
  1. Report on Ecclesfield Gala, including the results of the prize draw.
  2. Details provided by Keith Fish of the new insurance policy we have just taken out.
  3. Report and discussion on sign posts.
  4. Some information from JH on the state of the horse chestnut trees in Ecclesfield Village.
  5. East Peak Innovation Partnership "Sept 09" newsletter http://www.epip.org.uk/other/downloads.php provided by KS, including proposals for  renovation of (Gatty?) community halls.
x.   Discussion on any new planning applications (See below).
y.   Any other business.
z.   Date of the next meeting.


The Yorkshire in Bloom award ceremony is on 15th September.

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Planning Applications found

(To see the documents, click on the application number below, then "Associated Documents > View associated documents")

09/02522/FUL 07/08/2009 09/09/2009 Footpath And Cycleway Between Grange Lane And Land To East Of Yarra Industrial Estate Sheffield Formation of footway/cycle path and re-surfacing of existing route Pending Consideration
09/02658/FUL 25/08/2009 02/09/2009 142 Ecclesfield Road Chapeltown Sheffield S35 1TE Single-storey rear extension to dwellinghouse Pending Consideration
09/02723/FUL 26/08/2009 28/08/2009 Viscount Catering Limited Provincial Park Nether Lane Sheffield S35 9ZX Enclosure of existing covered storage area Pending Consideration
09/02698/FUL 24/08/2009 24/08/2009 5 Ecclesfield Mews Sheffield S35 9AE Rear conservatory to dwellinghouse Pending Consideration
09/02615/FUL 19/08/2009 20/08/2009 Land At The Junction Of Butterthwaite Lane And Green Lane Butterthwaite Lane Sheffield Use of mobile storage unit as cafe with ramped access Pending Consideration
02522 refers to the path along the North side of the Railway line, from Deep Lane/Grange lane, across Butterthwait and Loicher Lane towards Nether lane.
02658 refers to the corner of Ecclesfield Road and Cowley View Road
02615 last date for consultation is 16/09/2009

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