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Minutes for the Conservation Group meeting in the Stocks at 7:30 on Monday 14th September 2009

[Numbers and letters in square brackets refer to corresponding items in the agenda of the same date]


[a] Chair: Roger Tordoff
Secretary: Roger Tordoff
Minutes Secretary: Jim Percival took these minutes.
[b] Members: One new member attended, so including the above:- 10 people attended; 6 people sent their apologies; and 34 currently receive emailed minutes.

Things we are doing

[z] Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Conservation Group is to be held in the Stocks on Monday 12th October 2009 at 7:30 pm.
[3] Finger Posts: We still have to report that the finger-sign outside St. Marys Church is still missing. We are assured that the supplier is still working on it.
[y] Possible Projects: Several other issues and possible future projects were discussed. These included...
...possible inspection of St. Marys Green (see below) by BTCV, and an invitation to them to come to a meeting and advise us.
...the possibility of placing something on the plinth in the alcove in the wall in front of St. Mary's Church.
...the need for an AGM [now on the advance agenda]
...the possibility of erecting the large stone marking the old boundary between Sheffield and Wortley on Green Lane.
...the possibility of refurbishing the old style at the end of Priory Road.

Things we have done

[1] Ecclesfield Gala: Our shared gazebo with Ecclesfield in Bloom and the Scrubbers was well attended. Leaflets were distributed, and we had three prize winners, all of whom have now received their prizes.
[2] St. Marys Green/Old Garage Site: We have accepted an offer of public liability insurance from Assurance Services in Town End Road, Ecclesfield. We therefore now fulfil one of the conditions required by Sheffield City Council if we are to take on the maintenance of the land between St. Marys Lane and Ecclesfield Park. The policy covers both Ecclesfield in Bloom and the Conservation Group, and allows us to use strimmers and other power tools, and to employ contractors. It does not cover the use of spiked litter picking tools. The insurance was offered at an extremely low concessionary rate, and Assurance Services has accordingly been mentioned on conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com.
[x] No problems were identified in the planning applications listed in the last agenda.

Resolutions Passed

[c] The Minutes of the meeting of 2009-08-10 were accepted as a true and accurate reflection.
[4] Horse Chestnut Trees: We were alerted to the poor state of many of the Horse Chestnut trees in Ecclesfield by a planning application to remove two of them at Morrisons Supermarket on Ecclesfield Common. Although we were too late to write to the council about this planning application, we were given a great deal of information about the problem and resolved to insert a link to the relevant information on conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com [ now done]. There is also some unofficial discussion of the disease problem on  http://ecclesfield.wikia.com/conservation. We understand that Sheffield City Council policy is not to plant horse chestnuts near other infected trees, or on roadsides where conkers can induce children to stray on to the road.
[5] East Peak Innovation Partnership newsletter - digitisation of historical records: Although we decided that we currently did not have the time to participate in the efforts to digitise any parish records or other historical information that might be in the village, we resolved that we would be pleased to upload such material to our web site, provided that it did not duplicate information that appears elsewhere on the Internet.
- Refurbishment of village halls: The funding mentioned in the newsletter was thought to be potentially useful to the Gatty Hall, and we will therefore ensure that they are aware of it.
- Beacons: It was thought that Ecclesfield was so low lying as to make this suggestion not worth taking further.

Notes and Information

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