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Minutes of the Conservation Group meeting of 2010-01-18 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks

[Numbers and letters in square brackets refer to corresponding items in the agenda of the same date. These minutes were written on 2010-01-18 ]


[a] Chair:  Roger Tordoff chaired the meeting in Keith Fish's absence
[ ]Secretary: Roger Tordoff.
[ ]Minutes Secretary: Jim Percival took these minutes.
[b] Members: Including the above, 9 people attended; Keith Fish gave his apologies, and another 3 people emailed their apologies. 31 people currently receive emailed minutes.

Things we are doing

[z] The next meeting of the Conservation Group will be on 2010-02-15 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks.
Although Keith Fish was not present to update us, as far as the meeting was aware, the verbal quote given to us by BTCV for 12 people for a days work on LadyCroft Meadow at a cost of 250 has still not been put in writing, but could probably still be taken up if needed [see also item [1] on tools below].
[3] Although a policeman with a hand held speed camera was spotted on Town End Road last year, the previous [and now the current] traffic camera list on http://www.safetycamera.org/camera-locations/where-are-the-mobiles, does not list anything at that end of Ecclesfield. Again the meeting supported traffic control measures, but  recognised that we may have to monitor and report an accident before anything will be done.
[4] It was decided to inquire as to the purchaser of the Old Methodist Chapel, and if identified, invite him to one of our meetings. At the same time, it was decided to write to the Council to ensure that they knew of the situation. ID is to draft a letter for Roger Tordoff to send.
[10] Possible Projects: Proposals mentioned as still being on the table were...
... for raising the mile stone marking the old boundary between Sheffield and Wortley on Green Lane. JH thought he saw a similar stone but standing upright on the Barnsley Road, which might be worth investigating further, but it was thought that a map showing the old boundaries might still be required.
...for re-furbishing the wooden stocks in front of St. Mary's Church. PB is going to raise the matter again with Rotary.
...coping stones on the wall opposite the stocks.
...the possibility of placing something in the alcove in the wall in front of St. Mary's Church.
...refurbishing the old stile near Gatty Hall at the end of Priory Road - needs time and equipment.
...designation of the land between St. Mary's Church and Priory Road as the Village Green. - postponed until Keith is back.

Things we have done

[y] ID Congratulated everybody involved in finding and erecting the fine Christmas Tree outside St. Marys Church. A letter of thanks was also received from the Parish Council, and replied to.

Resolutions Passed

[c] Copies of the Minutes of the meeting of 2009-10-12 were distributed, and approved with one query as to whether we had already decided to write to Sheffield Council regarding the Old Methodist Chapel [See now item [4] above]. Also, members printing this month's Agenda's found the print too small. [Jim Percival to investigate]
[1] That the Ecclesfield Conservation Group urges members and other residents of the East Ecclesfield Ward to attend the Gatty Hall on 2010-01-30th (Saturday) to vote on the grant applications being made by local groups, including Ecclesfield in Bloom, Parks, Handbell Ringers and others. The Ecclesfield in Bloom application is especially relevant to Conservation, since it is for the heavy gardening tools needed to maintain the LadyCroft Meadow that the Conservation Group is jointly responsible for.
[ ] Following favourable comments by members, it was resolved that the Ecclesfield Conservation Group supported the formation of the Charity Shop on Church Lane, and wish it a successful future.

Notes and Information

[5] We were told that the pinnacle on the top of the Jeffcock Memorial had been cast and was to be in place by the middle of next month. The moulds would be kept safe in case of problems, and JH had been consulted about the colour.
[6] The consensus of the meeting was that the use of metal detectors was a matter for the land owners, but that members and others may be able to help by keeping there eyes peeled, and ringing the police on (0114) 2 202020 in serious cases, such as on Church property.
[ ] ID brought to our attention the excellent Ecclesfield Conservation Area Appraisal and Management documents. [Section 7.19 of the Management document could be useful for item [4] above in that describes the Old Methodist Chapel as a "Building of Townscape Merit"].
[ ] The next meeting of Ecclesfield in Bloom is on 2010-02-02 (Tuesday) at 19:00 pm, in the Black Bull as indicated on http://ecclesfieldinbloom.co.uk
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