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Minutes of the Conservation Group meeting of 2010-06-21 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks

[Numbers and letters in square brackets refer to corresponding items in the agenda of the same date. This version of the minutes was last amended on 2010-07-06]


[a] Keith Fish chaired the meeting.
[ ] Jim Percival jim AT ... took these minutes.
[b] In spite of the good weather 9 people attended early, (plus some arriving later). 4 people sent their apologies, and 27 people currently receive emailed minutes.

Things we are doing

[z] The next meeting of the Conservation Group will be on 2010-07-19 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks.
[1] Keith reported that lots of work had been put in to Ladycroft Meadow. A.H. had arranged for 30 Tons of  soil to be dropped off to cover the hard core and tarmac underneath the site. A path had been marked out with chippings. The necessary materials had been paid for by the In-Bloom Group, and we were hoping that it might be possible to obtain some road plannings to hold front and back in place. The two "Payback" teams were thanked for the work they had put in, and Jim was authorised to mention this on our web site [Done-Jim].
[4] Jim Percival reported on the results of his inquiries about the old Mini Mart sign. He concluded by suggesting that if anybody knows a sign painter, they could perhaps usefully get in touch with the owners of the shop or bring any suggestions up at the next meeting.
[5] We have booked a double stand at the Ecclesfield Gala in the Park, (jointly with the Bloom and Scrubbers  Groups). Last year, we used one of the Gala's own Gazebos, but this will not be possible this year. We therefore decided to make enquiries to find out if it was possible to borrow one elsewhere, or failing this, it was agreed that P.B. could purchase on our behalf, two 3' * 3' gazebos with two sides for each so that they can be put together as one, (or possibly one 6'*3' gazebo). People are needed to man the stand from 10:00 am on Sunday 5th September.

[y] Roger Tordoff, as secretary, said that he had been contacted with regard to the  "Rocpower" biofuel generation plant planned for Loicher Lane. The meeting agreed that he should send an email on behalf of the conservation group, and find out more about the fuel to be burnt [http://www.hargreavesservices.co.uk/rocpower.aspx].
[y] As a result of a conversation with the owner, we believe that we have permission to put some brown or green paint on the old cobblers shop next to Ladycroft Meadow.

Things we have done

[2] Keith Fish reported on the welcome given to him by the Rotary Club, and their positive reaction to his presentation of the work that we are doing around the village. The Club accepted responsibility for the stocks, (although due to holidays, nothing may happen until September).
[3,6] We were showed a report on traffic in Ecclesfield prepared by "Joel Logue" of Transport and Highways. Although most of the suggestions for traffic calming had been rejected, we were told that the Northern Area Panel had approved funding for a speed indicator to be erected on the Wheel. Also, people expressed a continued interest  in doing a traffic survey in the village. If anybody wants to help with this, contact J.E or Keith Fish. Although J.E. was told by Sheffield City Council that they do not authorise traffic surveys or issue equipment (hi-viz jackets, counters, etc.), they also said that we did not need their permission.
[x] The planning permissions listed in the agenda were considered without objection. Jim said that the application for 50, High Street had not been available on the Council's web site on the Sunday, and he was asked to check it later in the week [These plans are now available at http://planningdocs.sheffield.gov.uk/WAM/findCaseFile.do?action=show&appName=planning&appNumber=10/01680/FUL  and expiry date for objections is 9th July 2010 - Jim].

Resolutions Passed

[c] Copies of the Minutes of the meeting of 2010-05-17 were distributed and approved without amendment.

Other matters discussed

[7] Peter Barker had been looking at the requirements for Village Greens, and suggested that if we wanted to go ahead with this, it might mean getting the help of a solicitor. It was generally agreed that the proposed area, that between St. Mary's Church and Priory Road was looking much better with the Jeffcock memorial, new trees, and flowers.
[y] Japanese knotweed was mentioned as an invasive species.
[y] Peter Barker, as treasurer, told us that the accounts stand at 764. We thank the St. Marys Lane Trust for their donation of 200.00, and have put a  note to that effect on the web site.

Notes and Information

[] The next meeting of Ecclesfield in Bloom will be on 2010-07-06 (Tuesday) at 19:00 pm, upstairs in the Black Bull as indicated on www.ecclesfieldinbloom.co.uk
[] We have been reminded of the 6th August deadline for applying for money under Sheffield City Council's "Small Grants Fund" www.sheffield.gov.uk/smallgrants.
[] "Ecclesfield Parks and Pavilion Group" have said that their website has gone off-line but they are trying to rectify the problem. However, it not just the Parks that are having problems. After  recommending that the Parks Group use our host "www.nfshost.com", on Sunday 4th July our "ecclesfieldgroups.com" and "ecclesfieldinbloom.co.uk" sites went down with nfshost saying "Something is seriously wrong and a whole lot of our servers are off line" - Jim

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