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Minutes of the Conservation Group meeting of 2011-05-16 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks

[Numbers and letters in square brackets refer to corresponding items in the agenda of the same date. This version of the minutes was last amended on 2011-05-19 and has not yet been approved]


[a] John Ellis chaired the meeting.
[ ] Jim Percival jim AT ... took these minutes.
[b] 12 people signed into our meeting, and 5 people sent apologies. In all 32 people receive emailed agendas and minutes.

Things we are doing

[z] The next meeting of the Conservation Group will be on 2011-06-20 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks. Our Secretary Roger Tordoff will chair the meeting in John Ellis's absence.
[1] JE told us that - as agreed at the last meeting - ID had drafted a letter objecting to the planning application by "Bradburys Haulage". As a result, JP was able to confirm that a copy of our letter had now appeared on Sheffield City Council's (SCC) planning website. JE suggested, and nobody objected, to our also placing a copy of this letter on our own website [now available here - JP]. Several members had clearly been thinking about what development of the site would mean and worked hard to uncover the history of the site, and the legal basis on which it operates. JE said that he had also walked around the outside of the site, and agreed that what was currently being built was not acceptable in a conservation area. Although the original application had been withdrawn, a letter written by Bradbury's advisers to SCC said they are "still keen to develop the site to accommodate the needs of their business". The meeting therefore agreed that JE should ring the planning officer concerned. [JE has now rung, and had a long conversation with Marcus Young, about the application. Mr Young confirmed that there had been a meeting on 2011-05-16 as a result of which, Bradburys are expected to submit a sketch detailing a new proposal for the site in about two weeks time. Mr Young agreed to keep the Conservation Group informed, and in particular to send us a copy of any new proposal received]. [ If we receive anything material half way between meetings, I will send an email to all members to let them know what is happening - JP].
[2] PB reported that he had checked and found that LadyCroft Meadow was leased to us by Keir Real Estates. He had therefore written to them asking for their written permission to erect the Ecclesfield interpretation board on the land as was our preference as agreed at our last meeting.
PB had also inquired of Mr Peter Latham of the planning department, who said that boards of 1.55m2 or less  do not need planning permission. However Mr Latham did suggest that we pay the SCC Parks and Countryside to erect the board.
PB also sent a brief description of the proposal to the East Peak Innovation Partnership [http://www.epip.org.uk/] who give grants of between 1,000 and 2,5000, and received a good reception.
PB thought that the cost of the board would be similar to the Bolsterstone one at around 2,000, and had a Rotherham form in mind. Mel Jones might be asked to help in the design. The project is therefore in progress with positive answers hoped for from Keir, Parks and Countryside, and East Peaks.
[3] We agreed to do another traffic survey on Wednesday 25th May. We hope to cover the time between 7:00 and 23:00 continuously, with two people on duty. There are still a couple of single hour gaps, so anybody wanting to volunteer an hour should email morhodes AT ....
[4] We decided that we did want a presence at the Ecclesfield Gala on 4th September, (with six people voting for it, and no objections). PB was authorised to pay the 50 needed, although preference was expressed for making the stand a joint one with the other groups. [Ecclesfield in Bloom have now been invited to share  costs etc. and KF has confirmed that it will be on the agenda for their meeting on 6th June]. We do however still need  volunteers to liaise with Mel and Joan Jones for the collection and return of books; for the erection and taking down of the Gazebo; and for manning the stand.

Things we have done

[See above].

Resolutions Passed

[c] Copies of the minutes of the meeting of 2011-04-18 were distributed. and approved.

Also Discussed

[x] The four planning applications mentioned in the Agenda were discussed. The application for 143 High Street was of interest, and concern was expressed as to who the applicant was. [I have just checked and the applicant is "Mr Guo Xin Liu". I have also noticed the designation of a small "food preparation area", but apart from this the before and after drawing look almost identical to me. The application documents can be seen here- JP].
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