Agenda for the Conservation meeting of 2011-11-21 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks 

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a.    Welcome to Members, New Members, and Visitors.
b.    Registration of any Apologies.
c.    Acceptance or amendments to the Minutes of the previous meeting.
  1. Discussion of the proposed extension to the "Black Bull" opening hours.
  2. Report by JP about the letter of objection we sent concerning the new Bradbury planning application.
  3. Discussion of an error discovered by ID regarding listed buildings in the Ecclesfield Conservation Area.
  4. Report by ID, giving feedback from the Heritage Interpretation Training Session, that took place on 1st November.
  5. Possibility of designing new "boundary markers", "mileposts", or "welcome signs" for perhaps, Wheel Lane, Yew Lane, Green Lane, and Ecclesfield Road, and/or Nether Lane, funded from Northern Community Assembly, Environmental Improvement Fund¬ - whichever anybody can get quotes for in time for the meeting.
  6. Discussion of traffic problems, taking into account the lack of money indicated at the Northern Community Assembly¬ meeting of 2011-09-28.
  7. A discussion prior to JE and ID attending the meeting of environment and conservation groups in Ecclesfield Parish on the Wednesday following this meeting.
x.   discussion on new planning applications (See "Planning Applications" below).
y.   Any other business.
z.   Date of the next meeting.

Emails received (E.g. on ).

  • 10 emails were received, but all that need noting are dealt with elsewhere.

Information watch

  • Mobile speed cameras¬ will be in operation this week on the A61, and Wordsworth Avenue.
  • .There is a Police and Community (PACT) meeting in the Ecclesfield TARA Building at Unity Gardens at 6pm on 7th December.
  • The Northern Area Assembly¬ is meeting at Grenoside School on Tuesday 6th December at 18:30.
  • There was an article on the petition against the extension to the "Black Bull" opening hours (to 1:30a.m on Fridays and Saturdays) in The Star¬. Concerned members may also wish to comment on the Government's proposed relaxation of licensing regulations¬, as suggested to us in an email from Sheffield City Council.
  • KF emailed to say that the "Olympic Torch" will pass though Ecclesfield on 25th June 2012.
  • Sheffield University is trying to trace pupils from Class 2C of 1953-4 at Ecclesfield Grammar School who contributed to research on playground games. See "The Star¬" for details.
  • LookLocal¬ says that St. Mary's Church bells are likely to be replaced early in the new year.

Planning Applications

Date Received
Date Validated
     -----------Proposal----------      ----Status-----

11/03560/CHU 09/11/2011 11/11/2011 Unit 7 Ecclesfield 35 Industrial Estate Station Road Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9YR Use of industrial unit as waste transfer station Pending Consideration3
(The waste transfer station is near the railway line. Access via "Station Road" and "The Common". Mentions "20 deliveries per day", and 19 ton vehicles)

11/03534/COND 08/11/2011 08/11/2011 143 High Street Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9UA Application to approve details in relation to condition number 4. Externally mounted equipment relat... Pending Consideration
Flying dragon, next to the co-op. The application mentions a "Grease filter", fan, and "ventilation equipment"

11/03536/FUL 03/11/2011 03/11/2011 331 The Common Sheffield S35 9WL Single-storey side extension to dwellinghouse Pending Consideration
Extension towards No. 329 "The Common"

11/03358/FUL 14/10/2011 14/10/2011 Bradburys Haulage 68A Yew Lane Sheffield S5 9AN Erection of garage/workshop for repair and maintenance of haulage vehicles - resubmission of plannin... Pending Consideration
Our previous objections have been re-submitted, and now appear on the SCC's planning site.

11/03246/COND 05/10/2011 05/10/2011 Land Adjacent To Electricity Substation Loicher Lane Sheffield S35 9YR Submission of 11/00106/FUL condition details. Condition nos. 1) implementation; 2) approved plans; 3... Pending Consideration
This is an application for reserve generators, expected to run 75 - 300 hours, and never more than 500 hours in any calendar year.
(To see the documents, click on¬, Click [Application Search], Enter the Application Reference above, then [Search], then the "Click to view" arrow, then "Associated Documents > View associated documents".)
All the above were found using Ward = "East Ecclesfield", Parish = "Ecclesfield Parish Council", "Validated from" = 30/09/2011  to 20/11/2011

  • The planning application by Rocpower Limited¬ for a biofuel diesel generating station on Loicher Lane is still described as withdrawn

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