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Minutes of the Conservation Group meeting of 2012-01-16 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks

[Numbers and letters in square brackets refer to corresponding items in the agenda of the same date. Link to new Torch page was added on 2012-06-11]


[a] John Ellis chaired the meeting. He opened it by wishing us all a Happy New Year, and suggesting that with the all the things which we are doing, it should be quite "Eventful".

[b] 10 people attended, including Sheffield City Councillor - Colin Taylor http://twitter.com/#!/ColinDTaylor¬. Two people sent their apologies. A total of 32 people currently receive emailed agendas and minutes.

[c] Jim Percival jim AT ... took these minutes.

Things we are doing

[z] The next meeting of the Conservation Group will be on Monday 2012-02-20 at 19:30 in the Stocks.

[1] PB reported that a draft of the complimentary leaflet accompanying our Industrial Heritage Board had been submitted to the printers for finalizing the colours. It will then go to the East Peak Partnership for them to make any final amendments, and give their approval. [The proof copy of this has now come back from the printers. Its front panel consists of an artist's impression of a typical file maker's workshop - JP]. It was decided to add the URL of our web site http://conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com in case people want to contact us as a result of looking at the leaflet. Venues are still needed to place leaflet dispensers around Ecclesfield.

The design of the board itself is almost complete, apart from the final positioning of items, motifs etc. Although the board has to be made and invoiced before 24th February, the digging of the holes and mounting of the board etc. can occur sometime later.

The official opening was also discussed, with St. Mary's Church and the Gatty Hall being mentioned as possible venues. Members seemed generally in agreement to obtaining sponsorship for refreshments if suitable sponsors could be found.

Members noted that the board would be erected in time for the Olympic Torch to pass through Ecclesfield¬. However, it was thought that anything that the Conservation Group did to help to welcome the Torch, should be done in collaboration with other Ecclesfield Groups. [The torch is coming through Ecclesfield on Monday 25th June.  There is a list of suggestions for what people might want to do here¬ - JP]. [Torch Details subsequently added here - JP]

[4] ID agreed to look into the possibility of alternative funding for placing boundary markers or signs at the entries into to Ecclesfield.

Things we have done

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as read.

Arising from item 1 on the previous minutes, the granting of the extension to the Black Bull licensing hours was discussed, with members re-iterating their concern about possible problems. Concerns expressed included the possibility of noise late at night due to customers congregating at the front of the Pub to smoke. It was said that licensees were subject to spot checks. Also members were reminded that Sheffield City Council Licensing Department¬ say that they can review the license should complaints be reported to them, and that any serious problems should be reported to the police by dialing 101¬ [or if it is urgent by dialing 999, either of which can be done from a mobile phone - JP].

[2] ID informed us that Sheffield City Council had published an updated map of the Conservation Area showing all 5 listed buildings, and passed a printout of the map around for members to see. They had also corrected their documentation of the Priory to show it's listing as Grade II*. The Council thanked us for pointing out the omission.  [The updated map is now on  Sheffield City Council's  Ecclesfield Conservation Area Map¬ - JP].

[3] JE reported that slates were slipping off the roof of the extension at the rear of the Old Trinity Methodist Chapel, and a photograph of the problem was passed round for members to see. Since they had already contacted us on a previous occasion, it was decided that JP should email the owners and inform them. The damage looked bad enough to raise questions of safety, security, and the likelihood of further deterioration to the fabric of the building. It was therefore also decided that JE should enquire to see if there was anything further that we might do if the problem persists. [The owner has since replied that he thinks that thieves had tried to remove lead from the roof, and that he started work to secure the building and its grounds on Wednesday. For understandable reasons, he added that parking in the grounds must stop. Members may wish to keep a look out, and phone the police if they see anything amiss, but hopefully, the renovations will proceed without further problems - JP ].

[5] JE showed us a weighty report prepared by Sheffield City Council on the traffic problems on Church Street. This included the council's own survey information, as well as information we had submitted to the Council. The report noted the amount of traffic and the difficulties experienced by pedestrians trying to cross this road. Unfortunately, the report mentioned several difficulties in placing a crossing - not just the shortage of money. As a result, the report did not recommend going ahead with the scheme at this time.

There was still some concern about the speed of traffic, and the possibility of deploying a Speed Indicating Device (SID) at this point on the road was mentioned. Also, PB questioned why mobile speed cameras seem to be deployed at only a very restricted number of sites. There was some discussion of this, and of the possibility of our asking the police whether it is possible to deploy a mobile camera in this way. [Colin Taylor has since emailed us to say that the Northern Community Assembly has organised a meeting regarding traffic on the Wheel/Wheel Lane on 2012-02-07 at 19:00 - 20:30 (Tuesday) at Whitely Cricket Club, Cinderhill Lane (off The Wheel)].

[x] Nothing arose from any of the Planning applications listed in the agenda.

[Any members interested in the Bradbury Planning application may wish to note that we received a letter from Sheffield City Council "Development Services" notifying us of a further change to the plans for the Garage/Workshop. From a brief examination, it appeared that the changes were cosmetic (E.g. use of wood, rather than artificial stone for the upper cladding) and like the previous change, did not address concerns expressed at our meetings. However, unlike the last re-submission, the Council do not seem to have allocated a new Reference Number, and our letter of objection still appears on their site. I have not therefore re-submit our letter again. Any member who thinks something further should be done, can see planning application 11/03358/FUL¬, or contact me on jim AT ... - JP ].

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