Agenda for the Conservation meeting of 2012-04-16 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks

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a.    Welcome to members, new members, and visitors.
b.    Registration of any apologies.
c.    Acceptance or amendments to the minutes of the previous meeting, prior to being published on our web site.
  1. JE's report on the official opening of the Industrial Heritage Board, the article in The Sheffield Telegraph¬ and Northern Community Assembly blog, and discussion of any further follow-up publicity required.
  2. Suggestions for our next project, such as the possibility of funding new "boundary markers", "mileposts", or "welcome signs", or a presence at the Queen's Jubilee.
  3. Discussions, prior to our attending the forthcoming meeting of voluntary groups at the Parish Council Offices.
  4. Call for volunteers for the currently vacant position of treasurer, following the resignation of PB.
x.   Discussion on new planning applications (See "Planning Applications" below).
y.   Any other business.
z.   Date of the next meeting, and in particular whether to change our meeting dates (e.g. to Tuesdays), to avoid clashing with the Poker Session next door, and the regular "Parks" group meetings.

Communications received (E.g. on ).

  • Tegwen Roberts of the East Peak Innovation Partnership has emailed us offering us a copy of the video they took of the Heritage Board unveiling, and saying that it is fine for us to use it to publicise the project, provided that we don't charge anybody for it. [Unless anybody appearing on the video objects I will try and put it on http:// If anybody also wants it on disk just let me know -JP]

Information watch

  • The Safer Neighbourhood boundaries are changing and our area is being renamed "Northern Safer Neighbourhood Team". See!/sgthammond.
  • The Northern Community Assembly¬ is funding some more "No cold Calling Zone" signs, and would like to hear from residents who feel the scheme would help them.
  • The petition by the residents of Eva Radcliffe Care Home requesting traffic calming measures on Yew Lane and Stocks Hill will be considered as a part of a large highway scheme when sufficient funds are available. The Council's report¬ on this found that two injury accidents had occurred in the last five years, one when a car turning right into Stocks Hill collided with a car turning left into Stocks Hill, the other when a vehicle going up Stocks Hill lost control on ice. [presumably, this will be considered with our request for a crossing on Church Street, and the issue of speed and HGVs on Wheel Lane mentioned by the Northern Assembly Newsletter¬ - JP]
  • Temporary traffic signals are scheduled¬ for Town End Road between 16th - 18th April, but the work on Cinder Hill Lane should finish on the 16th.
  • Mobile speed cameras¬ will be in operation this week on Chapeltown Rd., Ecclesfield.
  • The Star¬ says that Sheffield Council is proposing to cut the opening times of its Household Waste Recycling Centres to 4 days a week.

Planning Applications

Date Received
Date Validated
     -----------Proposal----------      ----Status-----

01/03/201203/04/2012South Yorkshire Laboratory Station Road Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9YR Erection of a salt barn, alterations and refurbishment of building to form office accommodation with...Pending Consideration
A new 8,000 ton salt storage facility for Sheffield City Council Highways Department plus refurbishment to existing offices.

12/00928/ADV30/03/201230/03/201275 The Common Sheffield S35 9WJ Re-signage of bankPending Consideration
Change from blue RBS to red Santander

12/00596/FUL05/03/201229/03/20121 The Common Sheffield S35 9WJ Use of car park as hand car washPending Consideration
The proposed 6.1 meter long  mobile office and car washing facilities are on the Jinnah car park, and share the existing entrance/Exit on the bend at the junction with Church Street. It is to be open from 8:30 to 17:30, 7 days a week. The application mentions the appointment of 3 staff, plus the manager..

12/00805/ADV22/03/201222/03/2012RBS 75 The Common Sheffield S35 9WJ Resignage of buildingPending Consideration
Looks the same as the above as far as I can see.

12/00668/FUL12/03/201221/03/201295 - 97 Green Lane Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9WY Construction of a means of vehicular accessPending Consideration

The kitchen supplier's are proposing to take the raised portion of the verge down to road level to make it easier to make two new vehicular accesses leading to a new paved area containing 5 new car parking places, which in turn will lead to a new Mesh fence and gate 2.5m * 4 = 10 metres wide.

12/00743/COND16/03/201219/03/2012Land To The Rear Of Stanley Works The Common Sheffield S35 9AE Application to approve details in relation to condition number 9. noise attenuation scheme relating ...Pending Consideration
As I read the application, noise from Firth Rixson and /or Morrisons is above 35dB at night (as opposed to the 30dB requested by Sheffield City Council) so Taylor Wimpey are suggesting installing secondary glazing, and offering residents a choice of "Acoustic Ventilators.

Plus - An article in
The Star¬ has pointed to concern about an application¬ for a two storey extension within the Grenoside Conservation Area. [It looks to me as if the extension increases the size of the house by about an extra 30% - JP]

(To see the documents, click on¬, Click [Application Search], Enter the Application Reference above, then [Search], then the "Click to view" arrow, then "Associated Documents > View associated documents".)
All the above were found using Ward = "East Ecclesfield", Parish = "Ecclesfield Parish Council", "Validated from" = 10/03/2012  to ??/04/2012

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