Agenda for the Conservation meeting of 2012-06-26 (Tuesday) at 19:30 in the Stocks

(last modified on 2012-06-26 Note that this meeting was delayed by a week and a day)
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a.    Welcome to members, new members, and visitors.
b.    Registration of any apologies.
c.    Acceptance or amendments to the minutes of the previous meeting, prior to their being published on our web site.
  1. Confirmation of the position of treasurer.
  2. Report on the "Picnic in the Park" on 4th June to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, and on the Olympic Torch reception party scheduled to run from 15:00 to 20:00 on Monday 25th June at Stocks Hill . [See for a live Twitter feed, or for the live video feed].
  3. Report on the outcome of our grant application following discussions with historians Mel and Joan Jones and Tegwen of EPIP, about two new industrial heritage boards and possible heritage trail. See also the emails from Joan Jones on Rollem, and from Tegwen Roberts of EPIP on their Summer School under "Communications Received".
x.   Discussion on new planning applications (See "Planning Applications" below).
y.   Any other business.
z.   Date of the next meeting.

Communications received (E.g. on ).

  • Joan Jones emailed to say that the ArcHeritage report on the Rollem site is useful starting point for research on the watermills along the Common.
  • From Tegwen Roberts of EPIP:- "We're funding an 'Industrial Heritage Summer School' in Grenoside during July and August, which will be delivered by the Council for British Archaeology and is aimed at community groups who want to find out more about different ways of conserving and protecting industrial heritage sites in their local areas. There are four linked half-day sessions which are all free to attend.
    We're asking people to try and attend all four sessions if possible, as they are designed as a series. However if you wanted to book a place (or places) on behalf of the group which could then be used by different members depending on who was available that would also be fine." [See details on -JP]
  • Joan Jones emailed to say that work on the ledgers of the Ridge family was proceeding, but not yet finished.
  • Sheffield City Council's, "Planning Department" "Team Manager" has said that "sending a letter of support to us will not, in itself, create any delays to a proposal." It had crossed my mind that in uploading a message of support for last Month's "Parks Group" planning application, we might force the issue to committee and thereby delay or complicate the approval process. However this is not the case, and there seems no downside to our uploading such messages, where we support the application.

Information watch

  • The Northern Assembly have put some information on Shed/Garage security on their Facebook page.
  • Mobile speed cameras¬ will be in operation this week on the A61, Chapeltown Road, and Wordsworth Avenue.
  • The next meeting of the Northern Assembly is on 2012-07-10 (Tuesday) at 18:30 at The Venue, Stocksbridge.

Planning Applications

Application to approve details in relation to conditions number 20. contamination investigation and remediation measures relating to planning permission 97/01261/OUT

Site Of Former Smithywood Colliery, Cowley Hill And Nether Lane, Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 1SU

Ref. No: 12/01719/COND | Received: Thu 31 May 2012 | Validated: Fri 15 Jun 2012 | Status: Pending Consideration

[The work to drill 70mm DIA holes and check for contamination seems to be complete with no contamination found]

Application to approve details in relation to condition numbers 2 and 3. External materials and finishes 4. Large scale details; 5. Public Art; 6. Boundary treatments; 9. Method statement and phasing of works; 15. Highway Improvement works; 20.Reconstruction of footways; 23. Archaeological Investigation; 24. Foundation design and ground works; 25. Hard and soft landscaping; 26. Protection of trees; 29. Surface water run off; 34. Disposal of foul and surface water drainage; 35. Drainage works; 38. Surface water drainage; 40. Noise barrier; 53. Works to the forecourt area; 54. Works to the exposed elevation of the mill building; relating to planning permission11/01426/FUL

Rollem Patent Products Ltd 80 - 82 The Common Sheffield S35 9WN

Ref. No: 12/01495/COND | Received: Tue 15 May 2012 | Validated: Fri 15 Jun 2012 | Status: Pending Consideration

[Turner and Townsend are proposing to demolish the existing Rollem building. They say this will determine where the existing mill building facade has been amended and what openings have been left. They will also photograph and display images from the demolition and earthworks of the site.]

Installation of dark green dslam cabinet (Application for determination if approval required for siting and appearance)

Pavement Adj Black Bull Car Park St Mary's Lane Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9YE

Ref. No: 12/01317/TEL | Received: Wed 09 May 2012 | Validated: Thu 17 May 2012 | Status: Pending Consideration

[The DSLAM has been moved from Church Lane to St. Mary's Lane, since it was deemed too close to the Church as a listed building

Application 12/01192/FUL for a canopy in Ecclesfield Park has been approved. Members may like to note that it is to have a "green roof" planted with wild flower seeds.

(To see the documents, click on¬, Click [Application Search], Enter the Application Reference above, then [Search], then the "Click to view" arrow, then "Associated Documents > View associated documents".)
All the above were found using Ward = "East Ecclesfield", Parish = "Ecclesfield Parish Council", "Validated from" = 16/05/2012  to 25/06/2012

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