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Minutes of the Ecclesfield Conservation Group meeting of 2012-08-20 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks

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[a] Welcome: Roger Tordoff (RT)  chaired the meeting, and welcomed everybody to it.

[b] Apologies: 6 people signed into the meeting including RT, KF, KM, JP, SP, and Councillor Vic Bowden (VB). In addition, PB, ID, and Tegwen Roberts of EPIP sent their apologies. A total of 33 people currently receive emailed agendas and minutes.

Ongoing matters, or "things still to be done"

 [z] Next meeting:  [Since this meeting, unforeseen demands arose that made it desirable to choose a different date. The next meeting has therefore been delayed by one week, and will take place on 2012-09-24 (Monday). It will be at 19:30 in the Stocks as usual].

 [1] Heritage Boards: The two heritage boards were still in progress, and as far as members present were aware there was nothing holding them up. However, since neither JE, who is co-ordinating the boards, nor the designers, Mel and Joan Jones, were present there was nothing we could do to facilitate things.

The possibility of the later addition of a rural trail was however discussed, and it was suggested that any such Ecclesfield trail should link up with existing trails and could perhaps become a “gateway” from Sheffield “to the East Peaks”.


[2] Gala: KF reminded us that the Gala would be on us very soon, and that a lot needed to be done to prepare for it. Some things had been done however, and PB had already offered to ensure that our Gazebos were available. JH offered to transport the Gazebos, and also to help take everything down. RT said he would be present to help. An appeal was made for further help, both in manning the stall, and in packing up.

Both PB, and KM had prepared quizzes. PB’s involved answering a series of questions, while KM’s was more involved because it required a map, on which contestants had to locate buildings etc. It was therefore decided to use PB’s questions at the Gala, and to offer KM’s to the Ecclesfield Village Plan party, for which there was more time to prepare. There was considerable discussion as to how best to organise the Gala quiz, but it was decided to divide the questions into two, easy and hard, and to charge £1.00 per question sheet. We would stop selling at 15:00 hours to give time to mark the entries and hopefully, distribute all the prizes. We already had the offer of a bottle of wine, but members were asked to bring any additional prizes they could acquire to our stand before the official start of the Gala at 12:00.



[y] Christmas tree: VB said that the Parish Council (EPC) had not yet discussed the possibility of their providing grants for Christmas trees again this year. They were however meeting in Chapeltown library the following week. It was therefore agreed that RT should contact the EPC and ask for their support.

Completed matters or "things we have now done"

[c] Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted for publication. [A copy of these can now be found at... http://conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com/minutes/2012-07-16.minutes.pdf -JP]


[x] Old Methodist Church: The application to increase the number of flats in the Old Methodist Church was again mentioned, with VB saying that she preferred to oppose the application as overdevelopment. The additional two flats would mean more people, and insufficient parking for residents and their visitors. She also pointed out that some of the nearby Regency flats were still empty, so there seemed to be no call for a development as big as that.

Members noted with approval, ID’s observation [See agenda] that the requested planning application mentioned that the stain glass windows would be restored.

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