Agenda for the Conservation meeting of 2012-09-24 at 19:30 in the lounge bar of “The Stocks”

 [Last modified on 2012-09-23]

a.    A Welcome: to members, new members, and visitors.

b.    Any Apologies:

c.    Minutes: Acceptance or amendment to the minutes of the previous meeting, prior to their being published on our web site.

1.     Treasurer: Approval of a new treasurer.

2.     Heritage Boards: Progress on the two new industrial heritage boards.

3.     Gala: Report and comments on our attendance at the Ecclesfield Gala in the Park.

x.   Planning applications: (See "Planning Applications" below).

y.   Any other business.

z.   Next meeting.

Communications received, e.g. on

Information watch

New Planning Applications

Application to approve details in relation to condition No. 3. Samples; 4. New windows; 5. Stained glass windows; 6. Hard landscaping; 7. New services; 8. Glazing; 9. Car parking; 10. Intervisibility splays; 11. Gates/barriers; 12. Cycle parking accommodation; 13. Energy ; 14. Inclusive access/facilities; 15. Mobility housing; relating to planning permission No. 12/01731/FUL

Apts 1-2 44 High Street, Apts 1-4 46 High Street And 1-2 48 High Street (Trinity Methodist Church) Ecclesfield Sheffield S35

Ref. No: 12/02913/COND | Received: Tue 18 Sep 2012 | Validated: Tue 18 Sep 2012 | Status: Pending Consideration

[ I could not spot anything amiss in what looked to me like a high quality specification. 8 flats are included in the plans however ]

Application to reposition previously approved boundary fence (Approved under 11/01700/FUL)

25 Smithy Carr Avenue Sheffield S35 2ZQ

Ref. No: 12/02904/NMA | Received: Mon 17 Sep 2012 | Validated: Mon 17 Sep 2012 | Status: Pending Consideration

[ The applicant describes this as a “none material amendment”, “as agreed with Planning Officer”]

Application to omit sectional door viewing windows (amendment to previously approved scheme 12/01118/FUL)

Land East Of The Railway South Of Smithy Wood Drive Sheffield S35 1QN

Ref. No: 12/02851/NMA | Received: Thu 06 Sep 2012 | Validated: Thu 06 Sep 2012 | Status: Pending Consideration

[The plans show 13, massive 6m * 4m doors at the front, with similar number at the back, so any difficulties with the doors could be a major issue.]

Application to discharge condition numbers: 3. External materials 4. Site boundary treatment and 5. Landscape belt in relation to planning permission 11/03358/FUL

Bradburys Haulage 68A Yew Lane Sheffield S5 9AN

Ref. No: 12/02814/COND | Received: Tue 04 Sep 2012 | Validated: Tue 04 Sep 2012 | Status: Pending Consideration

[ This includes a request to use artificial, instead of natural stone for the new building, on the grounds that it cannot be seen from surrounding buildings or a public highway. It also describes walls above 2.1m being clad in “Regent timber tongue and groove profile in Gold colour”.]

All the above were found using Ward = "East Ecclesfield", Parish = "Ecclesfield Parish Council", "Validated from" = 14 Aug2012 to 23 Sep 2012.

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