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Draft Minutes of the Ecclesfield Conservation Group meeting of 2012-10-15 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks

[This document was last amended on 2012-11-18. If there are any comments or corrections, please Email JP on . Numbers in square brackets refer to items in the corresponding Agenda]


[a] Welcome: John Ellis (JE) chaired the meeting, and welcomed everybody to it.

[b] Attendance: JP, SP, RT, KM, PB, JE, MM, ID, JH, and Tegwen Roberts of EPIP attended. LQ, KF, NB, CB and Mel and Joan Jones sent their apologies. A total of 33 people currently receive emailed agendas and minutes.

Ongoing matters, or "things still to be done"

[z] Next meeting. Monday November 19th, at 19:30 in �The Stocks�.

[1] Heritage Boards: JE reported that dates for the printing of 2,000 copies of the leaflets; and for the delivery of the panels and legs for the two new industrial heritage boards had all been agreed with the suppliers. JE had kept a log of meetings etc. in order to comply with the EPIP conditions of funding, and handed out copies of his stage 2 progress report. EPIP had extended the official end date for the project to December 15th, to ensure that all invoices would be available and could be taken into account.


The boards themselves are to be unveiled at 10:00 on Saturday 1st December. If the weather is good, then everybody will congregate at the site of the first board, which is near the entrance to the park on The Common, opposite to Morrisons. The assembly will then move on to unveil the second board at the Mill Road entrance to The Park. The decision as to whether to meet at the entrance to the park opposite to Morrisons, or to advise people to go straight to the Church would be made shortly before the meeting. [I will put it on the web site, and Tweet it on @Ecclesfielder as soon as I hear what has been decided - JP].


The above means that the display boards in the Church are even more important, and that we ideally need to go to the Church and set these up the day before. [The Church is now going to be made available to us the evening before, so anybody who can help set things up is requested to go along and help]


PE told us that the providers of the buffet for the last unveiling could not do anything for us on that weekend, and alternatives were discussed [Since the meeting, JE asked, and Mr Eric Eyre of Eric Eyre Funeral Service has kindly agreed, to provide this free of charge].


Since the megaphone proved so useful last time, it was suggested that Chris Fox be asked if he could provide the same again. [Now arranged]


The names of people who should receive special invitations to the unveiling were discussed, and it was decided to make a list. Tegwen said that she would email us an example invitation so that we could see the sort of thing which is normally sent [The example was received with thanks, and 61 invitations have been emailed. These included a blanket invitation to all Sheffield City Councillors, and a further blanket invitation to all Ecclesfield Parish Councillors. Invitees whose email systems allow html pictures will have received the full invitation �card�. Those which do not should still have received the text. Some of the invitations requested RSVP, and from the replies which JE has received, it looks as if our City Council, the Northern Assembly, and our Parish Council will be represented].


New leaflet dispensers, each containing 20 leaflets have also been ordered. It was thought useful if these could contain, perhaps in the front, an invitation to the unveiling, and that these could be put out for display, some time in the week before the event. Members who can help in distributing the dispensers are therefore asked to volunteer to JE.� Places mentioned were � Gatty Hall, St. Mary�s Church, Ecclesfield Library, Morrison�s Supermarket, The Co-op, and Mobri Bakery.


The need for publicity was discussed and ID agreed to handle the press releases [See the back of the latest parish magazine (E.g. from �Happy Days� on the high street) for the first article. LookLocal has also been given an item for their WHAT�S ON section, but they have not yet been given a full article]


[2] Christmas tree: [RT has been in communication with Ecclesfield District Council, who have offered �150 towards the Ecclesfield Christmas Tree.]


[3] New Projects: The continued availability of Sheffield City Council small grants scheme was mentioned and several possible new projects discussed, including possible new boundary stones for the Village.


[y] Chair: JE said that he will be standing down at the next AGM, and we would therefore need a new Chair.


[y] Name: SP suggested that some people in Ecclesfield might be attracted by a change of name � for example to include the words �local history�.

[y] Gala: JP suggested that to aid the search for volunteers to help run next year�s Ecclesfield Gala that was mentioned at previous meetings, the Conservation Group promote Ecclesfield Gala�s new web site [Now done].

Completed matters or "things we have now done"

[c] Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted for publication. [A copy of these can now be found at... http://conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com/minutes/2012-09-24.minutes.html - JP]


[x] Planning: All new planning applications were examined, with no action being thought necessary.

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