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Agenda for the Conservation AGM of 2013-03-18

at 19:30 in the lounge bar of “The Stocks”

a.    Welcome: to members, new members, and visitors.

b.    Any apologies:

c.    Minutes: Acceptance or amendment to the minutes of the previous meeting, prior to their being published on our web site.

1.     Appointment of officers, including Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

2.     Feedback from the Ecclesfield PC Local History Archive Meeting.

3.  Discussion on any other projects members may want to suggest.

x.   Planning applications: See "New Planning Applications" below. Note that ID has updates to give us on both the proposed route for HS2 via Meadowhall, and Hesley Wood Pit Tip.

There are a large number of applications this month, however, we have seen applications outlined in yellow and green boxes before, and probably don’t need to discuss them again.

y.   Any other business.

z.   Date of Next meeting.

Communications received, e.g. on  

·        Connecting Sheffield emailed to say that unless we objected, they were going to copy our information from the help yourself database, and display it on their own. The email said their site was set up by “Shop for Support”, saying this was a social enterprise supported by Sheffield City Council. Unless anybody wants to bring the matter up in any other business, I will send them (amended) details.

Information watch

New Planning Applications (Item x. on the agenda)

The proposed route of HS2 Phase 2.


Application to extend the planning permission for 5 years (Application under Section 73 to vary condition 1 (temporary time limit) as imposed by planning permission 08/00397/FUL) - Siting of temporary portacabin for use as Stand By point for ambulance

Swimming Baths Burncross Road Sheffield S35 1RX

Ref. No: 13/00810/FUL | Received: Thu 07 Mar 2013 | Validated: Thu 07 Mar 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration

[This application describes a portacabin 7.2 metres long by 3 metres wide to be placed on the Chapeltown side of the baths, in order, to enable a single  ambulance or major incident vehicle” to be parked outside and serviced. Two reasons are given. 1) To improve response times in light of the new target of meeting 80% of “red” 999 calls within 8 minutes  2) “… to reduce the risk of cross-infection through removing dirty vehicles immediately from the hospital site.”

The design and access statement further explains “The current practice of ambulance cleaning immediately outside the District Hospital A&E unit is being dissuaded as these practices in this type of location are not helping the NHS to reduce the risk of cross-infection and in particular driving down the risk of MRSA.”



Application to approve details in relation to condition numbers 16. Surface water drainage works, 17. Gas protection measures, and 20. BREEAM rating

Land East Of The Railway South Of Smithy Wood Drive Sheffield S35 1QN

Ref. No: 13/00701/COND | Received: Fri 01 Mar 2013 | Validated: Fri 01 Mar 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration

[Seeks approval for some sort of gas protection membrane, for a parcel distribution facility]


Erection of a dwellinghouse - resubmission of planning application 12/01322/FUL

Land Adjacent 32 Mellor Lea Farm Dive And At Rear Of 40 Mellor Lea Farm Drive Johnson Lane Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9XG

Ref. No: 13/00673/FUL | Received: Fri 01 Mar 2013 | Validated: Thu 14 Mar 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration

[The plan shows this to be a new detached, three bedroom house, with two floors and a loft windows, fronting directly on to Jonson Lane. The proposed house looks very close to the 2/3 story flats to its left, perhaps in order to make room for the lawn and retention of a large tree to the right. An existing, low level dry stone wall on the right would be replaced by a new fence, but this is towards the back of the house, and I don’t think it would be visible from Johnson Lane.


Submission of 12/01946/FUL condition details. Condition nos. 3) details of plant; 8) soil storage method statement; 12) foul and surface water; 13) treatment and removal of suspended soils; 14) surface water; 16) ponds; 26) ground investigation; 31) wheel washing; 34) HGV route

Former Hesley Wood Tip Smithy Wood Road Chapeltown Sheffield S61 2SE

Ref. No: 13/00690/COND | Received: Wed 27 Feb 2013 | Validated: Wed 27 Feb 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration

[This contains a report by ALControl Laboratories of three samples. (Most of the figures say “<” for less than, but there are some positive results, and a total aromatics of 140000 ug/kg. (I make this 140 parts per million, just over a 10th of a gram in per kilogramme of material, but don’t know how significant this is)]


Application to approve details in relation to Condition Nos 4. Protection of Trees, 5. Protection of Ancient Woodland, and 9. Ecological Method Statement; relating to planning permission no. 12/01946/FUL

Former Hesley Wood Tip Smithy Wood Road Chapeltown Sheffield S61 2SE

Ref. No: 13/00603/COND | Received: Fri 22 Feb 2013 | Validated: Fri 22 Feb 2013 | Status: Condition application decided.

[RecyCoal are proposing the following protection methods…

posts and “wire fencing” to protect existing trees

a buffer zone to protect ancient woodland

early scrub clearance to avoid birds nesting in the clearance area

clearance will be avoided during the bird breeding period.


Application under Sec 73 to vary condition 42. opening hours, imposed by 11/01426/FUL (erection of retail foodstore) to allow the foodstore to open between 0800 and 2100 hours Mondays to Saturdays

80 To 82 The Common Sheffield S35 9WN

Ref. No: 13/00498/FUL | Received: Fri 15 Feb 2013 | Validated: Mon 18 Feb 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration

[Looking at a comments from an objector, the previous hours were 8:00 to 20:00 hours, and 10:00 to 16:00 on Sundays.]


Erection of a smoking shelter and entrance canopy, single-storey front extension to restaurant area and single-storey rear extension to kitchen

Jinnah Indian Restaurant 1 The Common Sheffield S35 9WJ

Ref. No: 13/00352/FUL | Received: Mon 04 Feb 2013 | Validated: Thu 21 Feb 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration

[These are large in area, but only single story. The proposed canopy is 14.5 meters wide, and 3.9 metres wide at one side of which runs an extended entrance canopy. Parking seems to remain at 39 places.


Use of building for Class A4 (Drinking Establishments) purposes

The Players Lounge 20 Yew Lane Sheffield S5 9AN

Ref. No: 13/00533/CHU | Received: Thu 14 Feb 2013 | Validated: Thu 14 Feb 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration

[This is for a change of use from D2 (Club) to A4 (drinking establishment). The club seems to have deteriorated recently, with the Police having attended late in the night on the last two weekends. On the first occasion the Police had to endure being shouted at, and the second time, they had to isolate the club by roping Yew Lane off. Note that the club have also made an application for an extension of hours to 1:30 on weekend mornings, as indicated in a note to the minutes of the last meeting. ]

Previous Planning Applications still pending

Two/single storey rear extension to dwellinghouse including terrace to first floor, external alterations including new windows and timber cladding and alterations to vehicular access

189 The Wheel Sheffield S35 9ZA

Ref. No: 13/00286/FUL | Received: Tue 29 Jan 2013 | Validated: Wed 30 Jan 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration

[This is a detached house on the South side of The Wheel. The main extension appears to me to be at the back of the house, but there are also major changes to the front garden, including the replacement of two drives at the side with one central drive with automatic sliding gate clad in cedar boards.]


Illuminated name sign

Site Of Rollem Patent Products 80 To 82 The Common (Aldi) Sheffield S35 9WN

Ref. No: 13/00287/ADV | Received: Fri 25 Jan 2013 | Validated: Fri 25 Jan 2013 | Status: Granted Conditionally

[The sign is to be some 2 meters wide by 2.5 meters tall, reaching to 4.5 meters from the ground.

2013-03-17: The “decision notice” does not seem to be on the Council web site, so I don’t know what the conditions were.]


Use of ground floor as two apartments

Ground Floor Unit Regency Court Primrose Drive Sheffield

Ref. No: 12/03749/FUL | Received: Mon 03 Dec 2012 | Validated: Thu 24 Jan 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration

[These two apartments seem to replace the (unused) café, and perhaps some storage areas]



All the above were found using Ward = "East Ecclesfield", Parish = "Ecclesfield Parish Council", "Validated from" 18 Feb 2013 to 17 March 2013.

Planning Applications Granted

Application to approve details in relation to Condition No. 2. External materials; relating to planning permission no. 09/03879/FUL

Ashcore Developments Ltd Unit 8 Excelsior Works Station Road Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9YR

Ref. No: 13/00137/COND | Received: Thu 10 Jan 2013 | Validated: Mon 14 Jan 2013 | Status: Decided

[This is one of the industrial buildings on the left going down from the Police station, just before the old Laboratories.

2013-03-17: External materials have been approved]


Single-storey rear extension and single-storey front porch to dwellinghouse

170 Ecclesfield Road Chapeltown Sheffield S35 1TE

Ref. No: 12/03955/FUL | Received: Thu 20 Dec 2012 | Validated: Fri 11 Jan 2013 | Status: Decided

[This is one of the houses on the left going to Chapeltown, but is set back from the road. The application appears to involve a major renovation and extension taking the existing front porch forward beyond the existing bay window, and extending the garage forward to meet it.

2013-03-17: Granted Conditionally]


Erection of a storage hut

25th Sheffield (Ecclesfield) Scout Group Scout Hall Yew Lane Sheffield S5 9AL

Ref. No: 12/04027/FUL | Received: Mon 17 Dec 2012 | Validated: Wed 16 Jan 2013 | Status: Decided

[The plan refers to the scout hut between Yew Lane, Greaves Road, and Reneville Court. The application proposes what looks like a concrete garage, 2 meters inside the rear and side boundaries of the site, to the right of the entrance, and behind the existing 2.5 metre high fence.

2013-03-17: Granted Conditionally]


Coal Recovery and Restoration Scheme

Former Hesley Wood Tip Smithy Wood Road Chapeltown Sheffield S61 2SE

Ref. No: 12/01946/FUL | Received: Fri 29 Jun 2012 | Validated: Mon 02 Jul 2012 | Status Decided.


[The site plan shows this to be to the North of Cowley Hill, running between Chapeltown and the M1 to stop just before Hesley wood. RecyCoal say that a coal washing plant will be built, 35 local jobs created, and 395,000 tonnes of coal extracted over 3 years. Access to the site is directly on to Cowley Hill and thence to M1 J35. Soil will then be imported and planted with grass and 41,000 trees. "A" frame barriers will then be installed, giving access to hard surfaced paths. Ancient woodland on the edge of the site will be preserved. The site is within the Green Belt and two residents have objected, on nature conservation, amenity and environmental grounds. Also, Natural England is recommending that an "Environmental Statement" be prepared, but I don't know whether this has been done.]

[There are still some 220 comments on Sheffield City Council’s planning site, (including one with 143 signatures). My sample viewing of 5 of these showed only objections

2013-03-17: Granted Conditionally Legal Agreement].


Application to approve details in relation to conditions 10. surface water disposal; 15. surface water discharge; 19. bird boxes 22. surface water drainage from hardstandings; 23. downpipes and 24. manholes relating to planning permission 12/01118/FUL

Land East Of The Railway South Of Smithy Wood Drive Sheffield S35 1QN

Ref. No: 12/03501/COND | Received: Wed 07 Nov 2012 | Validated: Wed 07 Nov 2012 | Status: Condition application decided


[At first glance, the plans look extensive, complicated, and thorough. They also contain health and safety cautions about “trenches” and “shoring”.

2013-03-17: Granted, but the conditions regarding the provision of bird boxes has not been implemented and is therefore still in force.]


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