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Planning Applications in Ecclesfield Village 2013-09-16

New planning applications pending

(grey borders = new undecided. Yellow border = old but still undecided. Green border = generally approved. Red border = generally rejected)


Erection of front porch

121 Chapeltown Road Sheffield S35 9WD

Ref. No: 13/02745/FUL | Received: Thu 15 Aug 2013 | Validated: Thu 15 Aug 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration


Provision of new customer entrance with glazed canopy, recladding of building facade and erection of external stairway to side of building (Amended scheme to 13/01428/FUL)

95 - 97 Green Lane Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9WY

Ref. No: 13/02583/FUL | Received: Fri 02 Aug 2013 | Validated: Fri 02 Aug 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration


Erection of conservatory to rear of dwellinghouse

12 Brailsford Road Sheffield S5 9DJ

Ref. No: 13/02736/FUL | Received: Wed 31 Jul 2013 | Validated: Wed 31 Jul 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration


Removal of Trees ( Ecclesfield Conservation Area)

Hall Farm 48 Priory Road Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9XZ

Ref. No: 13/02346/TPO | Received: Wed 17 Jul 2013 | Validated: Wed 17 Jul 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration


Erection of 3 illuminated fascia signs, 1 illuminated freestanding pylon and 1 non-illuminated wall mounted entrance sign

Eric Stead 248 The Common Sheffield S35 9WN

Ref. No: 13/02342/ADV | Received: Tue 16 Jul 2013 | Validated: Tue 30 Jul 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration


New planning applications decided


Alterations to windows in rear elevation (Amendment to planning permission 13/00286/FUL)

189 The Wheel Sheffield S35 9ZA

Ref. No: 13/02553/NMA | Received: Tue 23 Jul 2013 | Validated: Tue 23 Jul 2013 | Status: Application Granted


Single-storey side/rear extension to dwellinghouse

39 Mellor Lea Farm Drive Sheffield S35 9TZ

Ref. No: 13/02506/FUL | Received: Mon 08 Jul 2013 | Validated: Mon 08 Jul 2013 | Status: Granted Conditionally


Replacement of the existing front entrance door to dwellinghouse

44 Priory Road Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9XZ

Ref. No: 13/02244/LBC | Received: Fri 05 Jul 2013 | Validated: Fri 05 Jul 2013 | Status: Granted Conditionally


Erection of single-storey rear extension to dwellinghouse

81 Scholes View Sheffield S35 9YQ

Ref. No: 13/02493/FUL | Received: Thu 04 Jul 2013 | Validated: Thu 04 Jul 2013 | Status: Granted Conditionally


Previous planning applications still pending

 Use of building for Class A4 (Drinking Establishments) purposes

The Players Lounge 20 Yew Lane Sheffield S5 9AN

Ref. No: 13/00533/CHU | Received: Thu 14 Feb 2013 | Validated: Thu 14 Feb 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration

[This is for a change of use from D2 (Club) to A4 (drinking establishment). The club seems to have deteriorated recently, with the Police having attended late in the night on the last two weekends. On the first occasion the Police had to endure being shouted at, and the second time, they had to isolate the club by roping Yew Lane off. Note that the club have also made an application for an extension of hours to 1:30 on weekend mornings, as indicated in a note to the minutes of the last meeting.

Our last meeting decided to object, and this objection can be seen at

2013-07-14 Still Pending

2013-10-07 Still Pending


Previous planning applications decided

  Erection of industrial unit with associated office accommodation (Use Class B1, B2, and B8), access road and car parking accommodation

Land At Hydra Business Park Nether Lane Sheffield S35 9ZX

Ref. No: 13/01335/FUL | Received: Mon 22 Apr 2013 | Validated: Fri 03 May 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration

[This involves a new entrance to Nether Lane, a new 2875 sq m building at the West (Ecclesfield end) of the site, and parking for 27 cars+3 goods vehicles+1 disabled space. It is claimed to have been pre-let to an existing Printer (could be intoprint).]

 2013-07-14 Still pending consideration

2013-09-15 Conditionally approved. [The new junction which we objected to was agreed, but with conditions including removal of redundant entrances, visbility splays, and preservation of trees.]


  Application to approve details in relation to condition numbers 15 (highway improvement works), 26 (tree protection measures), 27 (BREEAM rating), 52 (interpretation board), 53 (improvement works to forecourt area and wooded area) and 54 (Mill Building elevation works) as imposed by planning permission 11/01426/FUL

Aldi Stores Ltd 82 The Common Sheffield S35 9WN Site Of Rollem Products, 80-82 Common Lane, S35)

Ref. No: 13/01374/COND | Received: Tue 23 Apr 2013 | Validated: Tue 30 Apr 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration

2013-07-14 Still Pending

2013-10-07 Condition application decided. [The applicants do not seem to have replied to the Officer�s questions, including why ALDI�s �forecourt area is fenced off to the front�].


Erection of a dwellinghouse - resubmission of planning application 12/01322/FUL

Land Adjacent 32 Mellor Lea Farm Dive And At Rear Of 40 Mellor Lea Farm Drive Johnson Lane Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9XG

Ref. No: 13/00673/FUL | Received: Fri 01 Mar 2013 | Validated: Thu 14 Mar 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration

[The plan shows this to be a new detached, three bedroom house, with two floors and a loft windows, fronting directly on to Jonson Lane. The proposed house looks very close to the 2/3 story flats to its left, perhaps in order to make room for the lawn and retention of a large tree to the right. An existing, low level dry stone wall on the right would be replaced by a new fence, but this is towards the back of the house, and I don�t think it would be visible from Johnson Lane.

2013-06-14 Still Pending

2013-09-15 Granted Conditionally. [Including the front stone boundary wall matching the adjacent properties Nos 107 � 111 Johnson Lane; and no trees etc. removed without consent]


 Provision of 5 illuminated fascia signs

95 - 97 Green Lane Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9WY

Ref. No: 13/01429/ADV | Received: Fri 26 Apr 2013 | Validated: Wed 29 May 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration

[All signs appear to be on the front of the old Kitchen centre building, and small, new glazed showroom entrance canopy. The highest sign is 1.5 meters high. They might be all retrospective.]  Withdrawn.


 Proposed new glazed entrance and re-cladding of existing facade

95 - 97 Green Lane Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9WY

Ref. No: 13/01428/FUL | Received: Fri 26 Apr 2013 | Validated: Thu 23 May 2013 |

[Pending Consideration ] Withdrawn.