Draft Minutes of the Conservation meeting of 2013-10-21

at 19:30 in The Stocks

[The last amendment was on 2014-01-20. As usual letters in square brackets refer to standing items, and numbers new items, in the corresponding Agenda. Items in italics are from last month’s minute and will be changed.]

[a] Chair: Ian Deans (ID)  chaired this meeting.

[b] Attendance: PB, JH, MM. ID, SP, signed into the meeting (JP retrospectively). We were also joined by representatives of the Campaign for Cowley Residents Action Group (CRAG). MJ and JJ could not attend because they were giving a talk to the Wadsely & Loxley Commoners. A total of 36 people received emailed agendas and minutes.

Ongoing matters, or "things still to be done"

[z] The next meeting will be in The Stocks on Monday 18th November at 7:30 pm.

[3] The Mill dam extension to the conservation area was said to be contiguous to the existing Conservation area, and as such might be easier to arrange. However, it was noted that the Town End Farm extension was not contiguous.

[4] ID described the meeting organized by the Wildlife Trust and CRAG to campaign against the current plans for a service station on Smithy Wood. Apparently although it was chaired by an MP, there was no one there from the developers. Apparently Sheffield City Council are expecting an application in November, which would then be discussed during January/February. It was thought to be a question of jobs v. environment, and there was a discussion as to which Councilors would take which view. ID said he had made a number of comments, including that this was green belt; there was insufficient details in the proposals; and in particular insufficient needs analysis. Archeology was mentioned and in particular mining remains. The development was said to take some 20 Hectares out of Smithy Wood, and CRAG made the point that the developers had not said how much of Smithy Wood would stay. The Woodland Trust has suggested that if there is to be a new motorway services, it should be on the adjacent brown field site. The discussion included the merits of applying for village green status, the Open Spaces society, contacting the U3A, rambling and walking groups, It was decided to keep in touch with CRAG and the Woodland Trust. [I can’t see such an application, but I note that CRAG have applied for Village Green Status. There is also a petition which some members may want to sign at http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/campaigning/campaigns/smithy-wood/ - JP]

[5] Also relevant to Smithy Wood, ID told us about the HS2 phase 2 consultation and in particular the information event, on the 8th and 9th of November. ID intended to go, saying it was an opportunity to get some detailed information of the route. ID said that a two volume sustainability report was available, but it was not split up into segments. Some of this consultation material could be seen in Ecclesfield Library. The closing date for commenting was January 31st 2014.

[6] ID told us that there had been an email exchange with Amey over the marker on Green Lane. Apparently they wondered whether it was actually a boundary marker.

[7] Planter on Church Street/Chapeltown Road, near the cats home was also discussed. This is being financed by St. Mary’s Trust.

Completed matters or "things we have now done"

[c] Minutes and Matters arising therefrom: The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted for publication but with amended wording.  [The resulting minute is now viewable at... conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com/minutes  - JP]

[1] Our contact list was updated. [If anybody wants to amend, or remove their details, just email me on  - JP].

[2] [JP] Updated members on the “Ecclesfield District Archiving Group”, who’s backup facilities we were already using, and which had decided to prepare a heritage lottery bid to enable the holdings of the various Ecclesfield Groups to be scanned. suggested that the library should be involved in the genealogical aspects of our archive. [It has since become clearer that Ecclesfield Library is unlikely to remain as it is, but I am hoping that the Friends of Ecclesfield Library will be able to do something on history. I will keep members informed - JP]

[x] Members decided we should contact Sheffield City Council planning department and express regret at the chopping down of the oak tree on Nether Lane. [Done – JP]

[y] PB Updated us on progress by the in-Bloom group of their application for a Village Green.