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[This agenda was last updated on 2014-02-18 by JP]

Agenda for the Conservation meeting of 2014-02-19 at 19:00 in The Stocks

A.    Chair: Mr Ian Deans

B.    Attendance and Apologies:

C.    Minutes: Acceptance or amendment to the minutes of the previous meeting, prior to them being published on our web site

D.    Agenda Items:

1) Amey plc Street Works Contract

i) Stocks Hill/Yew Lane tree felling update (ID)

ii) tree inventory in Conservation Area (See the �Tree survey� folder in the member�s area -JP)

iii) Ecclesfield Highway Works Programme

2) Planter Church Street/Chapeltown Road

i) update (ID)

     ii) approval to negotiate an S.142 Licence (ID)

3) HS2 consultation response and correspondence (ID)

4) Aldi Stores: Re use of leaflet and help with display board (ID)

5) Commercial use of photographs: update. (JP)

6) Smithy Wood update - registration as Village Green (ID)

7) Survey of gravestones at St Mary's Church (MM)

8) Our insurance (MM)

9) East Ecclesfield Ward Plan 2013/14 (ID)

X. Planning Applications (See below)

Y. Any questions or comments on the Communications, Information, or Planning Applications below; or any other business

Z. Date and venue of the next meeting, (which should be our AGM).

Links and information for Agenda items

Re. item 1) The star published a headline saying that 1,200 highway trees out of a total of 36,000 are being replaced. [Since these are the older trees, and perhaps an average of 100 years old, then 1200*100 = 120,000 tree.years may be being lost. If no other trees are cut down, this will take 120,000 / 36,000 = 3.3 years to make up. However this may not be much comfort for people who value the trees being cut down � JP].

Re. item 1) If members thought it worthwhile, we should be able to capture both a photographic record, and a number representing the total DBH (Diameter at Body Height) of the significant trees (>30cm) in the Conservation Area. I have put a possible procedure in the member�s area. Just click on �Tree survey�, then �Tree Survey Procedure.html�.

Re. item 4) We have advertised on our web-site for a historical photograph of the old Rollem Mill, in order to help ALDI with the heritage board that they have to erect to get their planning application Ref. No: 13/03197/COND signed off. (If we were offered such a photograph, then somebody might want to quote ALDI for supplying and erecting the complete board - JP).

Re. item 5) We received an email from JJ saying that the Chapeltown and District Archive had come to an arrangement with Artbeat of Derby. If Artbeat use the material, then we should be seeing the photographs Artbeat selected from the Ecclesfield Village Archive (and perhaps others), in Meadow Farm Public House.

Re. item 6) The Village green proposal for Smithy Wood reached has now reached the BBC website.

Re. item 7) Some of St Mary�s death-register and grave-yard information can be seen at and [But since these later documents are just scanned, they need transcribing to make them accessible via Google- JP].

Communications, e.g. on

These items will not be discussed further at the meeting unless specifically requested by a member.

Information watch

These items will not be discussed further at the meeting unless specifically requested by a member.

Planning Applications

New planning applications

Italics are my interpretation, usually after only briefly scanning the documents

14/00518/FUL | Alterations to roof of dwellinghouse including raising of ridge height and erection of front dormer windows to create additional habitable living accommodation in roofspace | 270 Cinder Hill Lane Sheffield S35 9WH

Ref. No: 14/00518/FUL | Received: Fri 07 Feb 2014 | Validated: Mon 10 Feb 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration.

No. 270 appears to be the last but one house on Cinder Hill Lane, before the lane goes up the hill to Grenoside. It overlooks the cricket pavilion.


Single storey rear/side extension to dwellinghouse

57 Scholes View Sheffield S35 9YQ

Ref. No: 14/00203/FUL | Received: Fri 24 Jan 2014 | Validated: Fri 24 Jan 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration.

The appears to be the fifth of the ten detached houses in the row which faces North across Scholes view into Ecclesfield Park. It is side on to Park Crescent, making it a corner house. It seems to represent the replacement of an existing conservatory with a larger reception room. One blank wall is over 8 metres long, but is only a single story high.

Single storey rear/side extensions and raised patio area to dwellinghouse

38 Townfields Avenue Sheffield S35 9ZP

Ref. No: 14/00169/FUL | Received: Thu 23 Jan 2014 | Validated: Thu 23 Jan 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration

The extension is so large that I had difficulty in finding the original house in the new plan (I had to find the stairs to get a fix). It does seem to be only single story and the only comment so far on the Council site is a concern about the level of the site being 1 m above that of a neighbouring property.


Erection of a sheltered bund for metal skips and waste bins (Re-submission of 13/02136/FUL to allow increase in height)

Unit 1 Provincial Park Nether Lane Sheffield S35 9ZX

Ref. No: 14/00301/FUL | Received: Wed 22 Jan 2014 | Validated: Wed 22 Jan 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration

This site is in the middle of the industrial estate, and as such does not front on to Nether Lane, nor does it have a boundary to the housing estate at Mellor Lea Farm.


Application to approve details in relation to condition number 28. Post installation emission report; relating to planning permission 11/01426/FUL

ALDI 82 The Common Sheffield S35 9WN

Ref. No: 14/00125/COND | Received: Fri 17 Jan 2014 | Validated: Mon 20 Jan 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration

This is a report on the �as built� energy efficiency. It is very detailed and technical, but I did not spot anything significant. [Apart from learning how bad windows are for leaking heat !]


Pruning of trees [Ecclesfield Conservation Area]

Bradburys Haulage 68A Yew Lane Sheffield S5 9AN

Ref. No: 14/00181/TCA | Received: Tue 14 Jan 2014 | Validated: Tue 14 Jan 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration

The location plan shows only one tree to be pruned. It seems to be inside the walls of some kind, not far away from the bank going down to the stream. It is inside the Conservation Area.


Two-storey side/rear extension, rear raised terrace and single-storey front extension to dwellinghouse including garage

249 High Street Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9XB

Ref. No: 13/04316/FUL | Received: Thu 09 Jan 2014 | Validated: Mon 27 Jan 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration

No 249 looks as if it is a semi just after the High Street divides into two. The extension looks large on the plans but takes advantage of the gap between this and the adjacent house.


The above applications were validated between 14th Jan 2014 and 17th Feb 2014.

Previous planning applications still pending

 Provision of acid etch scrubber plant and associated hardstanding

Firth Rixson Johnson Lane Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9XG

Ref. No: 13/04216/FUL | Received: Thu 19 Dec 2013 | Validated: Thu 19 Dec 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration.


Erection of 2 detatched dwellinghouses and garages

Land to the Rear of 135 Church Street Ecclesfield Sheffield S35 9WF

Ref. No: 13/04197/OUT | Received: Mon 16 Dec 2013 | Validated: Mon 13 Jan 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration.


Use of disused railway line as public footpath/bridal path, installation of associated fencing and bollards and erection of security fencing along residential boundaries

Land between Chapeltown Park and Cowley Hill Sheffield

Ref. No: 13/03711/FUL | Received: Fri 01 Nov 2013 | Validated: Thu 14 Nov 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration.

Go down Nether Lane and turn right into Cowley Hill, and its on the left after the houses. It looks like a good walking route to Chapeltown Park.

2014-01-18  to 2014-02-16 Pending Consideration.


Application to approve details in relation to conditions 3 (external materials and finishes), 6 (site boundary treatment), 8 (tree protection measures), 9 (landscaping scheme), 17 (gates), 21 (details of new junction), 25 (vehicle ingress and egress), 26 (vehicle cleaning) and 29 (surface water treatment) as imposed by planning permission 13/01335/FUL Hydra Business Park Nether Lane Sheffield S35 9ZX

Ref. No: 13/03077/COND | Received: Wed 11 Sep 2013 | Validated: Fri 13 Sep 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration.

2013-11-18 to 2014-02-16 Pending Consideration.


Use of building for Class A4 (Drinking Establishments) purposes

The Players Lounge 20 Yew Lane Sheffield S5 9AN

Ref. No: 13/00533/CHU | Received: Thu 14 Feb 2013 | Validated: Thu 14 Feb 2013 | Status: Pending Consideration.

This is for a change of use from D2 (Club) to A4 (drinking establishment). The club seems to have deteriorated recently, with the Police having attended late in the night on the last two weekends. On the first occasion the Police had to endure being shouted at, and the second time, they had to isolate the club by roping Yew Lane off. Note that the club have also made an application for an extension of hours to 1:30 on weekend mornings, as indicated in a note to the minutes of the last meeting.

Our last meeting decided to object, and this objection can be seen at

2013-07-14 to 2014-02-16 Pending Consideration.


Previous planning applications decided



New and modified alcohol licences

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