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[This agenda was last updated on 2014-06-23 by JP.]

Agenda for the Conservation meeting of 2014-06-24 at 19:00 in The Stocks

A.    Chair: Mr Ian Deans

B.    Attendance and Apologies:

C.    Minutes: Acceptance or amendment to the minutes of the previous meeting, prior to them being published on our web site.

D.    Agenda Items:

1)     Archiving Group (JP)

2)     Grant application for Joint Survey (JP)

3)   Discussion of our need for storage E.g. for our gazebo, for the Ridge Ledgers, and for any photographs or other archive items that might be donated to us.

4)     Planter Church Street/ Chapeltown Hill (ID)

5)     Insurance Cover obtained (JP)

6)     The Dam (RT)

7)     Pinks Estate Agents (JP)

8)     Ecclesfield Forum- Preliminary Meeting held 28/5/14 (ID)


X.     Planning Applications (See below).

Y.     Any questions or comments on the Communications, Information, or Planning Applications below; or any other business.

Z.     Confirmation of the date of the next meeting.


Notes to the Agenda Items

1) Ecclesfield Parish Council have advertised their Archive Project co-ordinator�s job on both the front page of, and on the National .


Communications, e.g. on

The items in this section will not be gone through one by one, but can be discussed in any other business if any member wishes to bring them up.

       Sheffield City Council emailed us to say that they are consulting on their proposing to reduce the number of priority 2 gritted roads. Members and others can give the Council their comments on a questionnaire before 25th July.

       We received an email from (Hallam University and South Yorkshire Biodiversity Research Group), inviting us to three workshops on habitats and species associated with Sphagnum moss. (Some volunteer places are available at �20 a day. Also, perhaps of interest to our archiving project, UKEconet have an oral history and transcription service).

Information watch

The items in this section will not be gone through one by one, but can be discussed in any other business if any member wishes to bring them up.

New planning applications

In East Ecclesfield Ward, postcodes S35 9?? and S35 1TE, validated from 2014-04-30 to 2014-06-23

[Italics are my interpretation - usually made after only briefly scanning the documents.]

Replacement of roof and dormer windows

110 The Common Sheffield S35 9WN

Ref. No: 14/02139/FUL | Received: Tue 03 Jun 2014 | Validated: Tue 10 Jun 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration



First-floor front extension over existing garage

15 Mellor Lea Farm Garth Sheffield S35 9TY

Ref. No: 14/02120/FUL | Received: Mon 26 May 2014 | Validated: Tue 27 May 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration


Application to allow foodstore to open between 0800 hours and 2100 hours on Public Holidays (Application under Section 73 to vary condition no. 42. Opening hours of planning application No. 13/00498/FUL) - Erection of retail foodstore

ALDI 82 The Common Sheffield S35 9WN

Ref. No: 14/01773/FUL | Received: Sat 17 May 2014 | Validated: Sat 17 May 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration


Previous planning applications, still pending


Erection of dwellinghouse

Land In The Curtilage Of 17 Chapeltown Road Sheffield S35 9WD

Ref. No: 14/00689/OUT | Received: Fri 28 Feb 2014 | Validated: Tue 29 Apr 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration

[This is the house on the Ecclesfield Side of the Cattery. It has a very long garden, which stretches behind Whitley Croft cul-de-sac. It looks as if the intension is to share a drive, which is not normal for that area and might indicate over development �JP]

[2014-06-23 Still Pending Consideration]


Erection of a motorway service area including proposed facilities building, hotel, filling station, parking facilities for all vehicles, access and circulation internal roads, structured and natural landscaping with outside picnic space and dog walking area, associated infrastructure and earthworks (Town and Country Planning (EIA) Regulations 2011 Schedule 2 proposal)

Smithy Wood Cowley Hill (Adjoining Junction 35 Of M1 Motorway) Sheffield 35

Ref. No: 14/01079/OUT | Received: Tue 25 Mar 2014 | Validated: Tue 25 Mar 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration

[There are now 461 items on the �public comments� section, all as far as I could see against the proposal.

Also the meeting on 13 May 2014 was attended by approximately 50 people, following which the Parish Council raised a number of objections to the proposal. Apparently, one person gave support to the proposal, but was still worried about the quality of the jobs that would be created

Councillor Steven Wilson, and Angela Smith MP registered objections, saying among many other things that some of the proposed mitigations would be nullified by HS2

There is other information on our web site, including a link to an e-petition]

[2014-05-25 Still Pending Consideration ]

[2014-06-23 Still Pending Consideration (Now 545 Public comments]


Application to approve details in relation to condition numbers 11. intrusive site investigation works; 12. surface water disposal; 13. separate surface and foul water drainage; 14. means of surface and foul water drainage; 19. sustainable energy; 20. details of new junction; 28. cycle parking provision; 30. Travel Plan; 32. land contamination investigation and 33. land contamination intrusive investigation report relating to planning permission 13/01335/FUL

Hydra Business Park Nether Lane Sheffield S35 9ZX

Ref. No: 14/00509/COND | Received: Thu 13 Feb 2014 | Validated: Fri 14 Feb 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration

[2014-05-25 Still Pending Consideration ]

[2014-06-23 Still Pending Consideration ]


Alterations and extensions to barn buildings for use as two dwellinghouses (1x5 bedroom with internal garage and 1x2 bedroom) and conversion of building to garage

Whitley Lane Farm Whitley Lane Sheffield S35 9ZD.

Ref. No: 14/00064/FUL | Received: Mon 13 Jan 2014 | Validated: Mon 17 Feb 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration

[Firstly, it appears to me that parts of the existing farm buildings, and a wall is being demolished. Then the �visual� shows, the buildings, (if they are the original buildings), completely reclad for residential purposes.-JP]

[2014-05-25 Still Pending Consideration ]

[2014-06-23 Still Pending Consideration ]



Previous Applications Granted


Removal of Trees (TPO Number 808/22)

Land Adjacent 14 And 15 Harcourt Rise Sheffield S35 1QD

Ref. No: 14/01369/TPO | Received: Mon 14 Apr 2014 | Validated: Mon 14 Apr 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration

[Harcourt rise is just across the A629 Cowley Lane. There seem to be three trees involved. A copy of a tree preservation order (No 1 � 1970) was submitted. However, a current photograph shows them to be multi-stemmed, overgrown, and leaning towards the houses.]

[2014-05-25 Still Pending Consideration ]

[2014-06-23 Application Granted]


Two-storey extension to hotel to form 18 bedrooms, function suite, and spa facilities and provision of associated car parking accommodation

Whitley Hall Hotel Elliot Lane Sheffield S35 8NR

Ref. No: 14/00145/LBC | Received: Wed 22 Jan 2014 | Validated: Mon 03 Feb 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration

[The heritage statement says this is a grade II* listed building, dating from the 1580�s, and the land is green belt. As far as I could see, no demolition is proposed. Also, although the proposed extension is contiguous, it only joins the 2008 extension. Solar panels are proposed, but will be hidden behind by the steep pitch roof. The application details several changes suggested by English Heritage and Sheffield City Council, for instance to improve compatibility between old and new parts of the building. English Heritage say they are satisfied]

[One of the changes is to move the car park further away from the house and into the grounds; however the application claims that this is already an overflow car park.]

[There is one, very detailed neighbour�s objection. The planning issues it mentions include�
* A nearby planning application was refused on appeal
* Increase in noise, litter, and light pollution.
*The hazard created by the extra traffic, particularly at the point where Elliot Lane and Whitely Road join, and where the road is a single carriageway. The danger posed by the increased traffic resulting from the extension on the safety of pedestrians, and horse riders.
* Effects on wildlife of pushing cars further into the grounds � although I have no idea which wildlife that would be.
� JP

[2014-04-22 The Grenoside Conservation Society have objected to this application, mentioning traffic, trees, and the stream.]

[2014-05-25 Still Pending

[The applicants have asked the Council Planning department, whether the Grenoside Conservation Society�s comments will be taken into account, since they arrived after the �Neighbour Expiry Date�. In this case, (and perhaps all cases), the council allowed 12-14 days (depending on timing) from the �Advert Date�, and 20-22 days from the �Neighbours Consulted� date. These sort of timescales have not usually seemed a problem, since the Council seem to accept comments until just before the matter goes to committee, which is usually much later. It might be of interest that the Environment Agency ask for 21 days to give a preliminary opinion, to a pre-application enquiry.  ]

[Unless a member objects, or anybody has any better ideas, I am therefore thinking of i) emailing Grenoside to make sure they are aware of what has happened, and ii) if necessary write a letter of support to them and/or the Parish Council, with a view to keeping the window for comments open until a fixed and stated time before the matter goes to committee or is otherwise decided.]

[I am also thinking of enquiring about the outcome of the applicant�s appeal to have a third party review of Whitely Hall disregarded.]

[2014-05-25 Still Pending Consideration ]

[2014-06-23 Granted Conditionally]


Two-storey extension to hotel to form 18 bedrooms, function suite and spa facilities and provision of associated car parking accommodation

Whitley Hall Hotel Elliot Lane Sheffield S35 8NR

Ref. No: 14/00144/FUL | Received: Wed 22 Jan 2014 | Validated: Mon 03 Feb 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration

[I can�t see the difference between this application and the application above - JP]

[2014-05-25 Still Pending]

[2014-06-23 Granted Conditionally because �very special circumstances have been demonstrated]