­Ecclesfield Conservation Group Procedures

These procedures assume that the following are installed or configured ....

1.   Firefox 16.0.2

2.   Open With 5.2.1 (Configured to open a batch file which invokes Netbeans)

3.   Auto Reload 1.13

4.   FireFTP 2.0.7

5.   NetBeans

Before each meeting

Confirm Meeting Date

When the Conservation Group meeting becomes the first listed...

Update ecclesfieldgroups.co.uk

Print and distribute copies for...


    Stocks (or ring 0114 2462881 to confirm lounge bar availability)

    High Street notice board

    Ladycroft notice board

    Park notice board

On the Friday (or Sat) before the meeting

Scan new planning applications in Ecclesfield

In C:\Documents and Settings\James\My Documents\Shared\Conservation\nfshost

Double click ‘agenda.html’

Firefox > View > Open with WINWORD

  > Save the file as a filtered html file, (putting back the trailing “l” in the file name)


Update HS2 with http://www.hs2.org.uk/developing-hs2/consultations/live ... and …



   > Copy the "Validated to" date of the latest planning application listed, and overwrite the "Validated from" date at the bottom of the list of planning applications.

    > Increment the “Validated from” date, to refer to the day following the latest application validated date.

    > overwrite the “to” date with the current date.


  > Delete  all “Planning Applications Decided”.


  > Ctrl+click on each entry in “Previous Planning Applications still pending”, and if approved, move them to “Planning Applications Granted, or if denied, to “Planning Applications Denied”.


  > Ctrl+click on each entry in “New Planning Applications”, and if approved, move them to “Planning Applications Granted, if denied, to “Planning Applications Denied”, or if pending, move them to “Planning Applications still pending”.

wonder when 

  > Ctrl+click on each entry in “Previous Planning Applications still pending”, and if approved, move them to “Planning Applications Granted, if denied, to “Planning Applications Denied”.



 In chrome (since firefox has stopped copy/pasting formatting into Bluegriffon)….


    Ward = East Ecclesfield,

    Parish = Ecclesfield Parish Council

    Date Validated= select and click the validated from date which was pasted into Agenda.html and incremented above

    To = <current date>


       For each of the pages of results …

           For all postcodes "S35 9??", and S35 1TE (Ecclesfield Road, Chapeltown)

              Highlight the entry


Go back to ‘agenda.html’


Meetings http://democracy.sheffield.gov.uk/ieListMeetings.aspx?CommitteeId=373

News scan

Licensing https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/business/licences-permits-registrations/pending-licensing-act-applications

ePetitions http://democracy.sheffield.gov.uk/mgepetitionlistdisplay.aspx?bcr=1

Parliamentary inquiries: https://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/inquiries-a-z/current-open-calls-for-evidence/

Parish Council "Events" page http://www.ecclesfield-pc.gov.uk/parish_events.htmlx

Star https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=ecclesfield+site:thestar.co.uk&hl=en&rls=GGLJ,GGLJ:2007-16,GGLJ:en&source=lnt&tbs=qdr:m&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwis7_7a95vhAhV9SxUIHZdwAZcQpwUIJA&biw=1920&bih=1046

Google http://news.google.co.uk/news?hl=en&tab=wn&q=ecclesfield&btnG=Search

 North Sheffield Area http://northsheffield.wordpress.com/

Grenoside reading room http://www.grenosidereadingroom.co.uk/events/event/

Closures https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/sheffield/home/roads-pavements/highway-closures.html

Emails received

Email a draft for checking

Spell check

Ensure that one word in each item is bolded

Save the agenda

Add a link to the last minutes to item c. (but don't save the agenda once the link is in place)

Email the draft agenda for addition or correction

On Saturday (or Sun) before the meeting

Number the agenda items

Remove the word (Draft)

Upload the new advance agenda (See "Upload..." below)

Go to http://conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com/advance/index.html

> File > Print Preview

   > Adjust "Scale" to give (E.g.) two whole pages

  > Print > GreyScale

Print 8 copies of the agenda



Go to http://conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com/


> File > Print Preview

   > Adjust "Scale" to give (E.g.) two whole pages

  > Print > GreyScale

Print 8 copies of the minutes


Staple the agenda together with the minutes at the back.


Print a copy of http://conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com/procedures/attendance.doc


Edit \advance\index.html

Temporarily add the "secret" url of the last minutes.

Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C

Click on the each of the five Conservation distribution lists in References.docm to create the emails

For each email, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+V to paste the agenda

Add the title "Conservation .Minutes"

Send each of the emails with a delay between each sending to ensure we don't get banned.

Email a copy to any visitors or guests.

After each meeting

Do List

Update Secretary’s “Do List” on Google Docs.

Execute any urgent items.


Archive the "advance agenda" as a historical (dated) agenda

On the Sigma, OurWeb > Conservation > Advance Agenda > View > Open with WINWORD

Ensure that the word “Advance” is deleted from the title.


  > Office button > Prepare > Edit links to files

    > For each link in the document…

            Select “Save file in document”, and Break link


    > Office button > Save As > Other Formats

       > File as type = Web page (filtered)( htm)

      > Change the file suffix htm to html

      > Change the directory and file name to




Close yyyy-mm-dd.agenda.html

Add links to the new historical agenda and the minutes to be created

In Firefox > agenda.html …

> Click [Back Button] to go back to “Ecclesfield Conservation and Local History Group”

  > agendas and minutes

    > View > Netbeans

In NetBeans …

Edit “/minutes/index.html”.

        > Select the first section from immediately after the <!--TemplateMeeting> to the line before the line ending in “--> ".

        > Ctrl+C.

        > Ctrl+V.

        > Ctrl+V.

    > Advance the "Meeting of" date on the left hand side of the new (topmost) table.

    > Advance the date in the first file name to “<newdate> agenda.html”

    > Advance the date in the second file name “<newdate> minutes.html”

    > File > Save

    > X Close

If the meeting approved the previous minutes ...

- Rename the placeholder file saying that the minutes for the new meeting date have not yet been published.

Change the file name of ...

    /minutes/<previous meeting date> minutes.html    ...to...

    /minutes/<newdate> minutes.html

- Make the previous minutes publically available


"members area"\YYYY-MM-DD minutes.html




 C:\Documents and Settings\James\My Documents\Shared\Conservation\nfshost\minutes

Web site

Update the Conservation home page, and village web sites, advancing the date of the next meeting.

Create the new private draft minutes


C:\Documents and Settings\James\My Documents\Shared\Conservation\nfshost\minutes\YYYY-MM-DD minutes.html

In Word, edit file YYYY-MM-DD minutes.html

as follows…

    > File > Save As > Other Formats

       > File as type = Web page (filtered)( htm)

      > Change the file suffix htm to html

      > navigate to…

"members area"\<new date> minutes.html

      > [Save]

> Advance the date in the title

> Advance the date in Office button > Prepare > Properties > Title

> Advance the “last amendment was on” date.

    > Go through the text from top to bottom, either bringing each entry up to date, or turning it into italics.

    > Go through the minutes, adding material to "/minutes/<previousdate>minutes.html".

    > Advance the Next meeting date.

    > If they were accepted, update the Minutes paragraph to address the minutes of the previous meeting.

    > Check that one keyword or keyphrase in each item is highlighted in bold.

    > Check the numbering of the paragraphs conforms to that of the Aganda.

    > Put the paragraphs in priority order.

    > Read through and check the whole document.

    > Review > Spelling & Grammar Ctrl+K and spell check the document.

   > Advance the “last emended on” date

   > To insert pictures – e.g. of email addresses, Insert > Picture, then select the middle “Link to File” option.

Email the draft minutes

Close the Minutes in Word.

Thunderbird > Write

> To -> Bcc

> Bcc = Conservation

> Heading = Conservation - Draft Minutes

> Body = Draft Minutes, prior to distribution

    > Attach the Minutes

    > Send

After allowing 24 hours for comments and corrections

Update the draft Minutes

Remove the word "Draft" from the title


Go through the minutes, updating the corresponding entries on the Conservation Home page


Update http://ecclesfieldgroups.com

Cut the old Conservation Group Meeting, and any other obsolete entries, and paste them to...


Change the old advance agenda to the start of the new one

Open ‘agenda.html’

> View > Open with WINWORD

    > prefix the heading with "Advance"

    > Advance the meeting date in the heading

    > Advance the meeting date in Office Button > Prepare > Properties > Title:

    > highlight the numbered list, and click Home > Bulleted list

    > Go through the document, italicising all out of date entries.

    > Go through the document again, replacing or deleting the out of date entries. Where pictures are deleted, delete them also from the directory.

    > Advance the "modified on.." date.

    > Ctrl+K and spell check the document

    > Save and Close the document.


Assuming that Firefox and FireFTP are installed, and a "Conservation" account has been set up in FireFTP...

Firefox > Tools > Web Developer > FireFTP

    > In the left hand pane, select Shared\Conservation\nfshost

    > Select the "Conservation" connection  in the leftmost drop down box.

    > [Connect]

    > In the right hand pane, Open "public", and check that the two file lists show the same directory

    > Open "advance", press and hold Ctrl, and select any pictures etc. which have to be deleted.

    > Delete

    > [OK]

    > Tools > Sync Directories and Sub-directories

    > For different file sizes: "Upload"

    > Check that all the files listed are OK to upload, and that no files which have been edited since the last upload are missing.

    > [Sync] and wait for the progress Que to say "Transfer complete"

    > [Disconnect]

Check http://conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com/, including testing all new links.


Create the emails needed to email all members.


Again, Edit "/minutes/<lastdate>minutes.html

    > Ctrl+A


Go to the first email and key

    > Ctrl+V

    > Check the minutes, making any corrections in both the emailed, and Kompozer copies.

    > Copy the result from Kompozer to all the other emails.

    > Send each email, with a gap between to ensure that they do not get rejected as "bulk emails"

enter the title

    > Ctrl

To upload to http://conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com

Firefox > Tools > Web Developer > FireFTP

> Leftmost list box = Conservation

> [Connect]

> In the LH panel, select "Shared > Conservation > nfshost"

> In the RH panel, select "public"

> Tools > Sync Directories and Subdirectories...

> Check the resulting listing, and select "Upload" as necessary

> [Sync]

> When the last message in the bottom panel says "Transfer complete", [Disconnect] X





Home to http://conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com