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Minutes of the Ecclesfield Conservation Group meeting of 2012-03-19 (Monday) at 19:30 in the Stocks


[a] John Ellis (JE) chaired the meeting.

[b] 10 people attended this meeting, including Sheffield City Councillor - Colin Taylor http://twitter.com/#!/ColinDTaylor, and Chris Fox from Community Event Advice. No sign-in sheet was passed round, but ID, JE, LQ,  JP, RT, CT, PB, JH, MM. attended. 3 people sent their apologies. A total of 32 people currently receive emailed agendas and minutes.

Ongoing matters, or "things still to be done"

[z] The next meeting of the Conservation Group will be on Monday 2012-04-16 at 19:30 in the Stocks.

[2] PB resigned as Treasurer, and since nobody volunteered for the post, it remains vacant. All the other officers agreed to stand again; and apart from them, nobody volunteered for election to those posts. The officers therefore remain... Chair - JE; Secretary - RT; and Minutes Secretary- JP. It was agreed that the bank account signatories are to be changed to these three remaining officials, with cheques requiring two out of their three signatures. PB offered to help transfer the job to anybody who volunteered, and suggested that the accounts could be adequately kept either on computer or paper.  It was agreed that we should approach people, including those who may not be Conservation Group members, to see if they would be willing to offer their services as treasurer. The merits of moving the meeting date from the Monday to allow more people to attend was also discussed.

[3] [Industrial Heritage Board unveiling at Ladycroft Meadow at 11 am on 2012-03-24 (Saturday)]

PB reported that publicity for this event had been arranged, and some had appeared (E.g. in Look Local). Photographs (possibly video) of the event would be taken. JE is to introduce the project, and Mel Jones to say something about it. Distinguished Guests include the Vicar of St. Mary's Church.

The posts would be concreted in next week, but mounting of the board itself would be left as late as possible. The complimentary leaflets would be distributed this week. PB's telephone number would be marked on the leaflet dispensers in case any of them need refilling.

[4] JE reported on his attendance at the meeting to discuss the Queen's Jubilee celebrations. The event was to be a "Fun Day" or "Picnic in the Park". PB suggested that the Gazebos would be available if needed, and the meeting unanimously agreed to contribute 50 to the event in some way to be decided by JE.

[6] Possible further projects were mentioned. These included finding funding for the placement of boundary markers such as "Welcome to Ecclesfield" on some of the roads leading into Ecclesfield, and a possible second heritage board for other parts of the village.

Completed matters or "things we have now done"

[c] The minutes (dated 2012-03-11), of the previous meeting were accepted [and can now be found at http://conservation.ecclesfieldgroups.com/minutes/2012-02-20.minutes.html]. These minutes will not be published until approved at the next meeting, but it might still be useful if any corrections or comments were sent to jim AT ... beforehand.

[1] PB gave all attendees a copy of the "Statement of Income and Expenditure for the year ended 10th March 2012", and went through each item verbally. Income included the grant from the St. Mary's Lane trust of 200, and a contribution by Ecclesfield Parish Council to last year's Christmas Tree. Major expenditures included the amount paid to the Bloom Group as our contribution for there having provided the Christmas Tree. Most of the costs of the Heritage Board were paid to the suppliers directly by EPIP, although we paid for the Concrete needed to mount it.

[5] The email from the NHS blood Donor service was discussed, but the Conservation Group is not planning anything to mark the progress of the Olympic Torch through the village which would provide a venue for the Donation service to erect a stall or otherwise promote the service [Email replied to accordingly - JP].

[y] PB mentioned our licence for Ladycroft Meadow, and there was [as in previous meetings] no objections to our suggesting that it be transferred to Ecclesfield in Bloom when the licence expires later this year.

[y] It was agreed that we would reply to the email we received describing the "form of service" for the 1921 dedication of the war memorial, suggesting that it be offered to St. Mary's Church [RT has now given that reply to the email by telephone].

[y] Chris Fox introduced himself, saying that he was a provider of audio equipment for events, (including in earlier years, to the Ecclesfield Gala). However, he had come to our meeting to represent the recently formed organization "Community Event Advice". This was a group of five people with skills spanning the various aspects involved in organising events. This included providing audio equipment; risk analysis/hi viz vests/CCTV; crowd control/fencing/steel pins/barrier tape; and logistics/trading/catering. They had set up Community Event Advice as a non-profit organization in order to put something back into the industry which had supported them. Chris said that the smaller community groups tend to have the ideas but that they can help by supplying leaflets giving the key facts needed. Community Event Advice are also developing other services such as lending equipment, but this is subject to the success of certain grant applications they have made. Chris did however agree to lend us, free of charge, the battery operated megaphone that we needed for the unveiling ceremony.

[y] Traffic on the Wheel/Wheel Lane was again mentioned, and in particular the re-siting of the SIDs and anticipated placement of speed monitor cables on the road.

[Numbers and letters in square brackets refer to corresponding items in the agenda of the same date. The last item on this version of the minutes was changed on 2012-03-22]
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